Genome Technology Center

Integrated Knowledge Bases for Complex Biological Systems

 The need to integrate complex data from diverse sources can be addressed through advances in network theory, computation and ontologies. Integrating genome sequence, expression and polymorphism data, and clinical phenotypes, we are designing and building software that lets researchers explore, extend and analyze complex interacting networks of biological information.

Knowledge bases for candidate pathways involved in innate immunity for the Glue Grant project, and for those implicated in pain and analgesia, are supported with tools to interrogate, analyze and curate data. These leverage the BioLingua environment developed by Prof Shrager (Stanford Symbolic Systems Program), which provides a powerful bioinformatics interface to databases at the SGTC, data from external reference sources, and results from experimental assays and clinical collaborations. This serves as a platform on which to build statistical tools for large-scale analysis of these complex networks.


Lisa Diamond
Jochen Kumm
Jeff Shrager
J.P. Massar
Wenzhong Xiao
Michael Mindrinos




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