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Automated Tracking of Experimental Array Data for "Inflammation and the Host Response to Injury"

We have developed a web-based system for tracking the progress of a clinical sample through a gene expression experiment at the SGTC. It utilizes an application interface to insert, update and view sample tracking data, such as project name, GLUE id, Affymetrix GeneChip, DNa and RNA concentrationns obtained in preps and sample processing status in a central database. A menu and radio-button driven interface enforces a standard vocabulary and reduces human error in the laboratory.

Sample tracking uses identifiers provided by the GLUE grant’s central database, but augments these with local information. This ensures compatibility with the core data repository and provides a natural resources for error-checking. 

Experimental results are stored using the SGTC’s automated workflow modules and are associated with the clinical samples through this database. Connections to statistical analysis software enable rapid on-site processing for data dissemination.


Jochen Kumm
Julie Wilhelmy
Michael Mindrinos
Ron Davis

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last updated 12/16/2004

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