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Roles and Responsibilities of Senators

contact information

Sabine Girod, MD, DDS, PhD, FACS
Faculty Senate Chair

Email: [sgirod]
Phone: (650) 725-2766
Fax: (650) 725-6605

Michelle Orozco
Faculty Senate
Executive Assistant

Email: [morozco1]
Phone: (650) 725-2766
Fax: (650) 725-6605

Departmental Senators

Members of the Medical School Faculty Senate have the following roles within the medical school:

I. Represent the will and opinion of the faculty of the school.

II. Approve of requirements for admission of candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

III. Give input and final approval to the defining of curricula for graduate and medical student education.

IV. Determine and oversee the criteria for student standing and promotion.

V. Oversee the administration of the medical student scholar research

VI. Advise on any matters deemed relevant to the general welfare of the school, its faculty, and its students.


I. Department Senators will serve a three-year term.

II. Department Senators shall attend the regular monthly meetings from September through June, as well as any special meetings called by the chairperson of the Senate.

III. Department Senators shall arrive on time for all meetings.

IV. In the event that you are unable to attend a meeting, it is your responsibility to contact the alternate from your department.

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