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Department of Medicine

QSU Research Methods Seminar - Writing about Biostatistics

Apr 02, 2013 (Tue) | 4:00 PM -5:00 PM
1070 Arastradero #109 : Palo Alto, CA

Writing is critical to success in biostatistics. Yet statisticians often receive little formal training in the principles of effective writing. As a result, statistical writing is often needlessly difficult and boring to read. This talk will teach you how to make your papers more lively, engaging, and informative. The talk will review general principles of good writing, examples of good and bad writing, and tips for making the writing process itself more fun and efficient.

Department:  Medicine

Contact: Linda Enomoto | 650-723-5096 |


  • Kristin L. Sainani Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Research & Policy

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