Ad BAX: "Protein structure and dynamics viewed by weak alignment solution NMR"

Apr 15, 2013 (Mon) | 4:00 PM -5:00 PM
Alway M114 : Stanford, CA

Spectral simplicity of solution NMR spectra results from the rapid Brownian rotational diffusion of molecules, which rapidly averages the strong dipolar interactions between nuclear spins to exactly zero. It has long been known that alignment of solutes in a magnetically oriented liquid crystalline medium restores the dipolar interactions. By strongly limiting the degree of alignment, it is possible to measure the valuable structural information contained in the dipolar couplings even in macromolecules. This not only provides a much higher definition of protein structure by NMR spectroscopy, it also enables independent structure validation and is uniquely suited to probe domain motions.

Department:  Structural Biology

Contact: M. Margaris | 3-9151 |