Gia Kaarina Voeltz, "New Roles of ER structure and dynamics at organelle contact sites"

Feb 25, 2013 (Mon) | 4:00 PM -6:00 PM
393 Serra Mall, Herrin T-175 : Stanford, CA

The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) has an elaborate and dynamic structure that is conserved throughout eukaryotes. We are interested in how ER shape is regulated to generate a functional organelle. We have studied three major mechanisms that influence the 3-D structure of the ER. ER shape is determined by membrane shaping proteins, dynamics on the cytoskeleton, and interactions with other organelles. These forces work together to distribute this organelle throughout the cytoplasm and generate the complexity of ER functional domains. In turn, we have recently demonstrated that ER shape and dynamics also influence the distribution and dynamics of other organelles. I will discuss the dynamic interplay between the various mechanisms that regulate the elaborate structure of the ER and the organelles that it contacts.

Department:  Biology

Contact: Maria Magana-Lopez | 650-723-2414 |


  • Gia Kaarina Voeltz University of Colorado Boulder