TRAM Symposium: “Stem Cells as a Niche for Microbial Resistance and Persistence”

Dec 12, 2012 (Wed) | 1:00 PM -3:00 PM
Clark Center S361 : Stanford, Ca

Stem cells have many properties that could be uniquely conducive for both the host resistance and persistance of many microbial organisms including: limitless self-renewal, nature resistance to the immune system, expression of drug transport pumps and the ability to broadly circulate through a host. In this symposium, discussants will describe recent observations that challenge existing paradigms of host-pathogen interactions for infectious processes. There will be the opportunity to discuss how advances in our understanding of stem cell biology broadly suggest possible novel insights into the pathogenesis of microbial infections and how these insights provide unique therapeutic opportunities.

Department:  Translational Research and Applied Medicine

Contact: Joanna Liliental | 6507361285 |


  • Bikul Das MBBS, PhD
  • Philip Grant MD

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