Elçin Ünal, "From Genome Partitioning to Cellular Rejuvenation: Unique Aspects of Gametogenesis"

Nov 13, 2012 (Tue) | 4:15 PM -6:15 PM
393 Serra Mall, Herrin T-175 : Stanford, CA

Abstract: Gametogenesis is a developmental program in which a precursor cell undergoes division and differentiation to produce gametes. A fundamental question is how the fitness of gametes is ensured during their production such that they contain the appropriate nuclear and cytoplasmic content to make healthy progeny. For instance, when cellular damage is present in the precursor cells, do mechanisms exist to prevent transmission to the gametes? How is the precise genetic complement distributed to the gametes? My talk will focus on the approaches to address these and related questions, mainly in the genetic model organism S. cerevisiae and more recently, in C. elegans. The goal is to uncover the quality-control pathways that function to rejuvenate germ cells and to understand the operating principles of the meiotic chromosome segregation machinery.

Department:  Biology

Contact: May Chin | 650-725-1827 |


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