East-West Alliance Conference: Longevity Across the Life Span

Apr 15, 2009 (Wed) | 1:30 PM -4:45 PM
Clark Center Auditorium (318 Campus Dr) : Stanford, CA

The East-West Alliance is a global network of ten institutions, including the Stanford University School of Medicine, that have been supported by the Li Ka Shing Foundation. The Alliance convenes annually at one of the member institutions to address significant scientific issues at a public conference. This year’s focus is on longevity across the life span. The Alliance, the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Stanford School of Medicine have brought together leading experts across a broad set of disciplines to address longevity-related topics in their fields. We will consider a wide range of issues including genetic considerations of longevity, stem cell connections to longevity, social correlates of longevity, longevity implications for the medical workforce, and economic correlates of longevity. This conference is open to the public at no charge.

Department:  Deans Office

Contact: Mira Engel | 498-6956 |


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