Center for Population Health Sciences Seminar Series

Oct 22, 2019 (Tue) | 2:30 PM -3:30 PM
291 Campus Drive : Stanford, CA

Dr. Steele will share how Geisinger, a vertically integrated healthcare organization serving a population of well over 3 million people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, Delaware, and West Virginia, has developed and implemented value reengineering for populations of patients in both hospital and ambulatory care settings. The reengineering of care between community practice and hospital-based specialty and sub-specialty will be detailed as well as the inception of the “warranty”. Dr. Steele will also share how the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a coalition of more than 50 large self-insured employers with a common goal to improve health care outcomes for their 7 million sponsored lives, is scaling and generalizing the Geisinger innovations.

Department:  Center for Population Health Sciences

Contact: Linda Walker | 650-721-8458 |


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