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Stanford Bio-X Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Biosciences Seminar, "Development and function of locomotor circuits in Drosophila"

May 02, 2019 (Thu) | 4:00 PM -5:00 PM
James H. Clark Center, 318 Campus Drive, Seminar Room S360 : Stanford, CA

Refreshments to be served at 3:45 PM; seminar begins at 4:00 PM. Dr. Doe's group is interested in how neuronal diversity is generated, how it's used to establish neuronal circuits, and how circuits generate diverse locomotor behaviors. Dr. Doe will present on either: a first project - they have identified larval brain stem cells (neuroblasts) that generate the intrinsic columnar neurons of the central complex (CX), an evolutionarily conserved brain region required for celestial navigation. A second project: they have mapped the developmental origin of all 300 neurons in a single segment of the embryonic CNS, mapped their connectivity using ssTEM reconstruction, and are using this information to correlate developmental mechanism with connectivity.

Department:  BioX

Contact: Cici Huber | 6507257472 | chuber@stanford.edu


  • Chris Doe Prof of Biology/Co-Chair of Inst of Neurosci, Univ of Oregon

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