IBIIS Seminar: Cardiac MRI Segmentation Powered by Cloud-Based Deep Learning

Apr 18, 2018 (Wed) | 3:30 PM -4:30 PM
Clark Center - S360 : Stanford, CA

Abstract: Radiological diagnosis and interpretation is ready for an overhaul. Radiologists spend countless hours on tasks that are onerous and error-prone, resulting in high costs and frequent misdiagnoses. Arterys is working to address these deficiencies, using deep learning to vastly improve the speed and consistency with which radiologists read cardiac MRI studies. Our first product, Arterys Cardio DL, is the first technology ever to be cleared by the FDA that leverages cloud computing and deep learning in a clinical setting. We discuss the technology behind the software and how we proved its safety and efficacy to secure FDA clearance in the United States and the CE Mark in Europe.
Refreshments will be provided.

Department:  Radiology

Contact: Ramzi Totah | 6507214161 |