CCSB Seminar: New Insights into Breast Cancer Development and Metastasis

Jun 22, 2018 (Fri) | 1:30 PM -2:30 PM
Li Ka Shing - LK 120 : Stanford, CA

Abstract: Cancer cells within tumors exist in specialized niches in the microenvironment. Metastasis is the major cause of poor outcome in breast cancer. The tumor cells are are heterogeneous and can have properties as divergent as self-renewal, tumor initiation and repopulation potential, dormancy, evasion of cell death and metastasis. The microenvironment is critical for regulating multiple aspects of tumor progression and metastasis. Understanding the processes involved in metastasis is critical for developing new preventative and therapeutic strategies We have analyzed the matrix environments and its function in tumor progression using in vivo imaging, genetic models of breast cancer, patient-derived xenografts and organotypic cultures....
refreshments will be provided

Department:  Radiology

Contact: Ramzi Totah | 6507214161 |