CCSB Seminar Series: Analytics of Single Cell RNA-Seq: Lessons from Heterogeneity of Immune Cells

Feb 16, 2018 (Fri) | 11:00 AM -12:00 PM
Clark Center - S360 : Stanford, CA

Abstract: Human immunity relies on coordinated responses of ensembles of cells from various types and functional states. Over the past several decades, substantial work has been done to catalog the cell types, states, and interactions that inform these behaviors. The emerging field of single cell genomics has the potential to make important contributions to this body of work by providing a way to systematically map previously unknown subsets of cells, predict their functionality, and ultimately modulate their relative abundance so as to favorably tune the emerging immune response. However, while data sets produced by single cell genomics hold unique information, they also pose unique challenges, from idiosyncratic technical limitations to difficulty of interpretability.

Department:  Radiology

Contact: Ramzi Totah | 6507216933 |