2018 Beckman Symposium: "Technology Innovation and Human Genomics"

Feb 12, 2018 (Mon) | 8:45 AM -5:15 PM
Berg Hall - Li Ka Shing Conference Center : Stanford, CA

The 2018 Beckman Symposium will explore the topic of technology innovation and the human genome. Recent breakthroughs in genomic technologies have yielded new and unexpected understanding of basic cell functions and the physiological basis of disease. Further, these technologies have opened up computational challenges that require novel statistical and computational methods to find patterns in data. This symposium will explore a range of novel methods for the analysis of genomic data to discover new associations, diagnose disease, build more precise disease trajectories, integrate data from multiple sources, and share data securely. SPEAKERS: RUSS ALTMAN, EUAN ASHLEY, DEANNA CHURCH, CHRISTINA CURTIS, STACEY GABRIEL, MANUEL RIVAS, TSACHY WEISSMAN, DANIELA WITTEN

Department:  Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine

Contact: Mark Shepard | 650-724-0034 |


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