2nd Annual Stanford Drug Discovery Symposium

Apr 24, 2017 (Mon) | 8:30 AM -5:30 PM
Li Ka Shing Center: Paul Berg Hall (2nd Floor) : Stanford, CA

Advances in research and technology now afford us the unique opportunity to develop and test novel diagnostics and therapeutics. This conference takes advantage of the collective experience and expertise of our speakers in drug discovery. A broad range of policy, research, and venture topics are covered. The audience includes industry leaders from Silicon Valley and scientists from around the country.

Department:  Cardiovascular Institute

Contact: David Preston | 650-725-7964 |


  • Thomas Sudhof, PhD Avram Goldstei Professor, Medicine
  • Robert Califf, MD Commissioner of Food And Drugs (FDA)
  • Eric Olson, PhD Annie and Willie Nelson Professorship in STem Cell Research
  • Shaun Coughlin, MD, PhD Distinguished Professorship in Cardiovascular Biology, UCSF
  • Daria Mochley-Rosen, PhD The George D. Smith Professor in Translational Medicine
  • Stephen Quake, PhD Co-President, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, Stanford
  • James Bradner, MD President, Novartist Institutes for BioMedical Research
  • Andrew Plump, MD, PhD Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Takeda
  • Sean E. Harper, MD Executive Vice President, Research & Development, AMGEN
  • Jeff Leiden, MD, PhD President, CEO, and Chairman, Vertex
  • Paul Wender, PhD Francis W. Bergstrom Professor of Chemistry, Stanford
  • Ajit Jadhav Branch Chief, NIH/NCATS
  • Alan Ashworth, PhD, FRS President UCSF Helen Diller Family Cancer Center
  • Gideon Bollag, PhD CEO of Plexxikon
  • Bevery S. Mitchell, MD George E. Becker Professor in Medicine and Professor
  • Robert A. Harrington, MD Chairman, Department of Medicine at Stanford University

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