Structure-based design of improved antibodies for HIV treatment or prevention

Apr 24, 2014 (Thu) | 4:00 PM -5:00 PM
Mudd Chemistry Building, Braun Auditorium : Stanford, CA

Over 30 years after the emergence of HIV-1, there is no effective vaccine. Following infection by HIV-1, the host immune response is unable to clear the virus using neutralizing antibodies. The only target of antibodies is the trimeric envelope spike complex, but HIV-1 can usually evade anti-spike antibodies due to rapid mutation of its two spike glycoproteins. We are using structure-based protein design methods to engineer antibodies that can resist some of the common routes of HIV mutation, with the hope that the designed antibodies could be used in passive immunotherapy methods for HIV treatment and/or prevention. T o register, visit

Department:  Office of Faculty Development and Diversity

Contact: Lydia Espinosa | 650-724-0239 |