Narration and Identity: The Necessity of Telling Stories

Mar 13, 2014 (Thu) | 12:00 PM -1:00 PM
LKSC 101/102 : Stanford , CA

Paulus Hochgatterer, MD, Pegasus Physician Writers Visiting Professor, will present psychiatry grand rounds. Dr. Hochgatterer is a faculty member at the University of Vienna, and is a best selling author. He has received various literary prizes and commendations, most recently the Elias Canetti Stipend of the town of Vienna, and is the author of several novels and story collections. Dr. Hochgatterer's talk is sponosored by the Pegasus Physician Writers, the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the Arts, Humanities and Medicine Program and the Stanford School of Medicine

Department:  Arts, Humanities & Medicine

Contact: Jacqueline Genovese | 16507253448 |


  • Dr. Paulus Hotchgatterer Visiting Professor, University of Vienna