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Seminar Information Maintainers

Department of...

Anesthesia Carolyn, Rebello
  Bernadett, Mahanay
  Lum, Christina
  --, -- --
  ---, --- ---
  -----, --- ----
  Carvalho Bettencourt, Bernie
  ----, ---- -----
  Chen, Peter
  --, -- --
  Mihm, Fred
Applied Physics Katz, Sybille
Arts, Humanities & Medicine Audrey, Shafer
  Genovese, Jacqueline
Baxter Labs Robin, Holbrook
  Reiff, Scott
  French, Susan
  Lloyd, Dalmacio
Beckman Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine Mark, Shepard
  Jane, Kroeten
BioX Jacob, Linda
  Huber, Cici
  Fiona, Sincock
  Chien, Allis
Biochemistry Kathryn, Hedjasi
  Crystal, Spitale
  Lily, Pavlovic
  Hilary, Hadley
  Maria (Only Frontiers), Peterson
  Cynthia, Nogoy
  Banner, Adrienne
  Lisa, Pereira
  Donna, Bowe
  Habebo, Tesfa
Biodesign Christine, Kurihara
  Sochan, Kathleen
Bioengineering Christine, Kurihara
  Firoozye, Newsha
  Hankes, Teri
  Lorman, Jessica
  Cabezas, Carlos
  Riedel-Kruse, Ingmar
  Lin, Michael
  Huang, KC
  Yang, Fan
  Murray, Tiffany tiffany.murray at
  DeRousse, Jessica
  Saya, Sarah
  Mazenko, Carolyn cmazenko@stanford.htm
  Jennifer, Scheer
Bioengineering - Simbios Joy, Ku
  Carolyn, Mazenko
  Blanca, Pineda
Biology Lisa, Pereira lpereira
  May L., Chin
  Hung, Pam
  Maria, Magana
  Tammy, Learned
  Elyse, Pierson
  Madrid, Yolanda
  Maria, Magana
  Franco, Errico
Biomedical Informatics Research Oliva, Mary Jeanne
  Holland, Sylvia
  Haulman, Natasha
  Vitale-Soto, Marta
  Haulman, Natasha
  Kotecha, Nikesh
  Rosalind, Ravasio
  Carol, Maxwell
  Lennartsson, Nancy
  Julie, Schnitzer
Biophysics Kathleen, Guan
Bone Marrow Transplant Sara, Clark
CNC - Cracking the Neural Code Lee, Connie
Cancer Biology --, -- --
  --, -- --
  Grace, Batoon
  --, -- --
  Dang, Andrea
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  Rita, Le Mon
  --, -- --
Cancer Clinical Trials Office Ann, Hamon
Cardiopulmonary Research-in-Progress Michal Bental, Roof
  Michelle, Fox
Cardiovascular Institute Kaleniskoff, Janet
  Beverly, Bonfert
  Preston, David
  Renn, Richard
  Haddad, Mitra
  Coakley, Terra
  Jamie, Good
Career Center Suzanne, Frasca
Center for Biomedical Ethics -, - -
  Bailey, Paula
  Fashoro, Dayo
  Wolpert, Maya
  Roxas, Rachelle Ann
  ----, ---- ----
Center for Clinical Informatics Ophelia, Wray owray
  Russ, Cucina
  Albert S, Chan
  Isabel, Costa
Center for Health Policy/Primary Care & Outcomes Research (CHP/PCOR) Pennebaker, Teal
  Pennebaker, Teal
  Amber, Hsiao
Center for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning (CISL) Mari, Kieft
Center for Population Health Sciences Walker, Linda
Center of Excellence in Diversity Byrne, Jessica
  ---, --- --------
  Gutierrez, Mark
Chemical & Systems Biology Urbano, Marisol
  ---, --- ---
  Jeung, Stuart
  Pascua, Neal
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  -----, ---- -----
  Urbano, Marisol
  Ferreira, Stefani
  Johnson, Kathy
  Pearce, Robert
  Mary, Teruel
  ---, --- ---
  --, -- --
Chemistry Sue, Learned-Driscoll
  Patricia, Dwyer
Comparative Medicine Lum, Anne
  Atuk-Jones, Janis
  Schroeder, Alice
Deans Office Karen, Doty
  Kathryn, Gillam
  Kristin, Goldthorpe
  Heller, Caroline
  Hiscox, Aaron
  Lorena, Najarro
Dermatology Galina, Malukhina
  Julia, Kinst
  Pam, Bernstein
  Michela, Pilo
  Mykhaylichenko, Olena
  Braslavsky, Daniel
Developmental Biology/DevBio. Livingston, Patti
  Vanessa, Bravo
  Yong, Chong
  Kathleen E., Shaw
Digestive Disease Center Erlinda, Jacob
  Justine, Samonte
Emergency Medicine Rafael Luis, Cruz
  Kimball, Stacey
Endocrinology Townsend, Kristi
  Lhermine, Jane
  Benita, Kaeding
  Davoodian, Koorosh
  Ayars, Amber
  Joyce R, Loewy
  Shah, Milan
  Marina, Braslavskaya
Epithelial Biology Pam, Bernstein
  Ray, Herrman
Gastroenterology & Hepatology Sykes, Vanessa
  Mathews, Jeffrey
  Tschorn, Elaine
  Lydick, Susan
General Internal Medicine Noori, Sofia
Genetics Margaret, Mahoney
  Barbieri, Kimberly
  Dolan, Sean
  Trim, Tara
  -----, ---- -----
  Christiansen, Wendy
  Kathleen E., Shaw
  Hunt, Monique
  -~-~-~-~, -~-~-~-~ -~-~-~-~
  ---, --- ---
Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery Pam, Rawls
Health Research & Policy - Biostatistics Bonnie, Chung
  Horner, Kevin
  Nicosia, Tammi
Health Research & Policy - Epidemiology Dorosin, Christine
  Nicosia, Tammi
  Ali, Toni M.
  Horner, Kevin
Health Research & Policy - Health Services Research Kevin, Horner
  Ali, Toni M.
  Nicosia, Tammi
Immersive & Simulation-Based Learning Initiative Isabel, Costa
  Clark, Katt
  Sandi, Feaster
  Candace, Pau
  Otis, Michelle motis
Immunology Robyn, Kizer
  -, - -
  Maureen, Panganiban
  Johnson, Katie
  Gioia, Zucchero
  Taylor, Carolyn
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
Immunology & Rheumatology Esmeralda, Fernandez
  Lee, Joyce J
  Aubrey, Chung
Infectious Diseases Lucia, Angie
  Kafer, Anita
  Alsibai, Lina
  Roberts, LaMoria
  Shiviah, Sky -@-
  Gonzalez-Ayala, Rossana
  Devi, Meyyappan
  Eagels, Lashonda Renea
  Tucker, Penelope ptucker at
  Tuiel, Tiffany
  LaMoria, Roberts
  Velasquez, Bianca
Information Resources & Technology Lora, Pertle
  Fletcher, Cocquyt
  Isabel, Costa
  ---, --- ---
  Wang, Natalie
Information Sciences in Imaging at Stanford (ISIS) Barnes, Danae
Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection Michele, King
  Federspiel, Nancy
Lane Medical Library -----, ---- -----
  Chris, Stave
  Terada, Tracy
  Soares, Nicole
  Heidi, Heilemann
Medical Scholars Mara, Violanti
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Louca, Moria
Medicine William, Doyle
  Joseph, Jody
  Lacob, Kelly
  Tiangco, Abigail
  Linda, Enomoto
  Plangsrisakul, Pornprang pplangs at
  Sarah, Pearson ----
  ---, ---- ----
Microbiology & Immunology Mayumi, Beppu
  Chau, Yen
  Veeraprasit, Wanapa
  Shaw, Kathy
  Filice, Nancy
Molecular & Cellular Physiology ---, --------- -------------
  Elizabeth, Drago
  Tan, Jzesern
  Harnisch, Susan
  Wright, Schantae
Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS) Donna, Niernberger
  Billie, Robles
  Singh, Susan
  Gill, Elizabeth
  Patty, Glennon
  Sofia, Gonzales
Neurobiology Anitra, Johnson
  --, -- --
Neurology & Neurosciences Washington, Jessica
  Chang, Diana
  Evelyn, Olmstead-Ray
  Edylen, Anit
  Mitzine, Wright
  Tucker, AJ
  --------, -------- --------
  Johnson, Katie
  Jungers, Sheri
  Covarrubias, Marty
  Johnson, Vanessa
Neurosciences Institute El-Asmar, Roula
  Powell, Marjorie
  Forbes, Tammie
  --, -- email
  Verhines, Kristy
Neurosurgery Rosales, Latoya
  Tompkins, Monica
  Naya, Lewis
  Rosales, LaToya
  Lewis, Naya
  Crevelt, Ann
  Rosales, LaToya
  Annie, Jensen
Nuclear Medicine Sofia, Gonzales
  Niernberger, Donna
Obstetrics & Gynecology --, -- --
  Tracy, Lindsay
Office of Communications and Public Affairs Margarita, Gallardo
  Ipaktchian, Susan
  Rabinovitz, Jonathan
  Pamela, Lowney
Office of Community Health ---, ---
  Estioko, Glenda
Office of Faculty Development and Diversity Fassiotto, Magali
  Victor, Kathleen
Orthopaedic Surgery Choi, Anthony
  Kara, Sjoblom-Bay
  -, - -
Otolaryngology Williams-Tarrago, Mariana
  Richard, Chen
  Garner, Laura
  Jason, Irwin
  Lucy, Warren
  -------, ------- ---
  Bravo, Dawm
  Janet, Teo
Pathology Pam, Bell
  --, -- --
  -------, ------- -------------
  Marisela, Reis
  Patty, Winningham
  Thelma, SantaMaria
  Tricia, Mederos
  Magalhaes, Lourdes
  Cynthia L, Llanes
  ---, --- ----------------
  Santa Maria, Thelma
  Winningham, Patty
Pediatrics Langley, Michael
  Stephanie, Colombo
  Donna, Schurr
  Hing, Melinda
Pediatrics - Allergy & Immunology Angela, Leung
Pediatrics - Center for Healthy Weight Michelle, Oppen
Pediatrics - Division of Systems Medicine Aptekar, Susan
Pediatrics - Endocrinology & Diabetes ---, --- --------------
Pediatrics - Hematology & Oncology Ray, Alyssa
  Boyechko, Mariana
  Charlene, Rotandi
Pediatrics - Human Gene Therapy ---, --- ----
  Groundwater, Lorna
  Tess, Gonzales
Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases Roula J., El-Asmar
Pediatrics - Neonatology Teresa Y., Newton
  Stella A., Gengania-Dina
Postdoctoral Education Leman, Beth
  Ransom, Annelies
  Lam, Jaclyn
  Teri, Hankes
  Rania, Sanford
  Thuraisingam, Ravina
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences --, -- --
  Zeitzer, Jamie
  Quynh, Dang
  Anna, Lopez
  Ruoff, Chad
  -----, ---- -----
  Warby, Simon Christopher
  Breckenridge, Romola
  -----, ---- -----
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  Jacqui, Burrows
Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine Barajas de Santiago, Katrina
  Sharon, Storm
  --, -- --
  Ashvinder, Khanna
Radiation Oncology Clarke, Sharon
  Caroline, Alemany
Radiology Donna, Cronister
  Maggie, Bos
  Jennifer, Vancil
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  Samantaray, Anita
  Morris, Amy
  Strommer, James
  Nijim, Fuad
  Aguilar, Karen
  Gill, Elizabeth
  Gonzales, Sofia
  Singh, Susan
  Cecchi-Acosta, Janet
  --, -- --
  Majidi, Sadaf
  Barnes, Danae
  Benevento, Toni
  Totah, Ramzi
  Chung, Holly
Regenerative Medicine Seminar Cheryl, Forest
Risk Management Mawer, Simon
SUMMIT Mari, Kieft
  Mawer, Simon
School of Medicine Deans Office Raymond, Parks
  Pualuan, Michelle
Sleep Medicine Anna, Castorena
  Cao, Michelle
Spectrum: Center for Translational and Clinical Research and Education Forrester, Stacyann
  Linda, Walker
  Meyer, Jessica
Stanford Cancer Institute David, Rubenson
  Clarke, Sharon
  Crown, Elizabeth
  Fred, Dirbas
  Christine, Ward
  Sally, Bobo
  Salonga, Jaclyn
Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics --, -- --
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
  --, -- --
Stanford ChEM-H Schoen, Alli
  Ponder, Elizabeth
  Morway, Kathy Morway (morway44)
Stanford Functional Genomics Facility Jimenez, Luisa
Stanford Health Library Estrem, Susan
  Cain, Nora
  Kumagai, Gillian
Stanford Hospital and Clinics CME Sheila, Tost
Stanford Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (SMRL) Margaris, Manolia
Stanford Prevention Research Center Harrington, Dylan
  Susan, Ayres
  Bussey, Deborah
  Hare, Traci
  Sonia, Halvorson
  Palacios, Marci mpalacios at
  Harry, Haladjian
Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Institute Vaughan, Christopher
  Broome, Rebecca
Structural Biology Manolia, Margaris
  -, -- --
Surgery Joan, Whitesel
  Gail, Christie
  Sepulveda, Angelina
  Lee, Sarah
  Kathleen, Sochan
  Shirley, Kantoff
Translational Research and Applied Medicine Joanna, Liliental
Urology Donna, Peehl
  Joseph, Midhun
  Jacqueline, Jolly
Women's Health at Stanford Tracy, Lindsay
  Fowler, Janice
  ---, --- ---