School of Medicine consulting groups can help with your research project in these ways, and more. Click here to set up a consultation. We’ve found that individual consultations are appreciated by all investigative teams, and especially by early-career investigators.

General Project Support

  • Hypothesis refinement
  • Study design (sample size and power, etc.)
  • Proposal preparation
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Data identification and access




  • Review of clinical data needs
  • Integrating and analyzing all sources of data
  • Discussion of options for clinical data abstraction, reporting, and storage
  • Cohort identification
  • Management of clinical trials

Data Studios

The Department of Biomedical Data Science holds a weekly Data Studio to foster dialog between statisticians/data scientists and researchers in clinics and laboratories. Most sessions are an extensive and in-depth consultation for a Stanford researcher based on research questions, data, statistical models, and other material prepared by the researcher with the aid of a facilitator. Experts from across campus contribute to the brainstorming. These are ideal for complex problems that would benefit from the expertise and insights of multiple statisticians.

The last session of each month is devoted to drop-in consulting. In some sessions a data scientist gives a presentation on a topic such as advanced data visualization in R or analysis of RNA-seq data for differentially expressed genes. Occasionally, we invite people to speak on general data science topics.


  • Database design and other study operations (randomization, matching, etc.)
  • Data analysis, algorithms and techniques
  • Interpretation of analysis results
  • Identification of subject matter experts for special topics


  • Electronic data capture
  • Surveys
  • Learning Health Care
  • Mobile studies
  • Computational or data storage solutions
  • Cloud solutions
  • Multi-party collaborations
  • Custom software development