Consulting groups with a broad range of expertise are available to aid your research.


Center for Population Health Sciences

PHS helps investigators identify new data sources relevant to their research question, including forming partnerships with organizations that have access to unique population-level data and to study populations which are not hosted at Stanford. PHS hosts a diverse collection of high-value data sets and partners with several data sources around the world.

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Department of Biomedical Data Science

The Department of Biomedical Data Science is devoted to the development of methods for learning from biomedical data, managing those data, and using the data to inform discovery. The department faculty and staff offer one-on-one consultations. The level of assistance ranges from advice in a single meeting to providing ongoing guidance as the project team members, from helping you identify collaborative statisticians to developing novel and custom study design and analytic strategies and solutions for your specific scientific questions and carrying out related specialized data analysis. In order to make our consultation most effective, we urge you to discuss with us your projects as early as possible, before data collection.

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Research Informatics Center

The Research Informatics Center (RIC) facilitates access to clinical data for Stanford investigators; specializing in the planning, development, management, and secure implementation of data systems for biomedical research. The Research Informatics Center enables researchers to achieve project goals in a technologically modern environment. Our consultants offer the following services to meet your research needs:

  • Review the clinical data needs of your research project
  • Discuss options for clinical data abstraction, reporting, and storage 
  • Apply advanced statistical and bioinformatics tools to extract structured information from a variety of source patient databases
  • Custom and large-scale data extraction from Clinical Data Warehouse
  • Data insights through exploration, data mining, and natural language processing capabilities
  • Work with you to enable subject data curation  


Research IT

Data science starts with data, but the data scientist also inherits associated challenges: compliance, privacy, capture, storage, management, integration, and sharing. These can be particularly difficult when dealing with biomedical data: the data is complex, noisy, often big, and with myriad compliance requirements. Research IT helps Stanford researchers navigate all these issues.

Research IT has built and managed several of Stanford's centralized biomedical infrastructure like Stanford's Clinical Data Warehouse (a.k.a. STARR, f.k.a. STRIDE), research data management platform REDCap and learning healthcare system, CHOIR. Their infrastructure has supported thousands of researchers over the last decade. Research IT brings this expertise to Stanford researcher via a confidential consulting service on topics related to technology integration, research data capture, compliance and management, data privacy and security issues.

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Quantitative Sciences Unit

The Quantitative Science Unit is a collaborative statistical resource that facilitates cutting-edge scientific studies initiated by Stanford investigators by providing expertise in biostatistics and informatics, engaging in the practice of statistics and data science, mentoring and educating clinical and translational investigators in research methods, and mentoring quantitative scientists in the practice of statistics and data science.

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