Lab Members

Scott Boyd, MD PhD

Principal Investigator

Ji-Yeun Lee, B.S. (Chemistry)

Lab manager, Enforcer

Ramona Hoh, PhD


Research Interests:

Allergy, B cell development, immune regulation

Shilpa Joshi, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Research Interests:

Anti-viral and -bacterial antibody responses, antibody display, antibody biochemistry

Sandra Nielsen, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests:

B cell development, anti-helminth immunity, host-environment interactions

Tho Pham, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Research interests:

Anti-glycan antibodies, host-microbiome interactions, autoimmunity and inflammation, diabetes

Hannah Frank, PhD (with bat)

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests:

Immunity, ecology and evolution, viromes, immunology of non-model organisms

Khoa Nguyen, B.S. (Biology)

Research Associate

Research Interests:

Anti-glycan antibodies, B cell development

Former Lab Members, Ongoing Collaborators

Krishna Roskin, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now an Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center & University of Cincinnati

Katherine Jackson, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now Senior Research Officer at the Garvan Institute, Sydney, Australia

Jake Glanville, PhD

Graduate student, PhD 2017

Jasmine King, PhD

Graduate student, PhD 2017

Yi Liu, PhD

Graduate student, PhD 2014; now at Vicarious

Chen Wang, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow; now a Statistical Programmer at Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Vaishali Dixit, B.A. (French Literature)

Database administrator; now at Snowflake Computing

Cathy Collins, MD PhD

Research fellow; now an Assistant Professor in Allergy and Immunology at Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego

Hannah Tsunemoto, B.S. (Biology)

Summer student; now a PhD candidate at UC San Diego

Emily Haraguchi

Summer student; now an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz

Sonal Patel

Summer student; now an undergraduate at UC Davis

Katie Seo, MS (Animal Sciences), MS (Software Engineering)

Lab manager