SCIT Program Seminars

The SCIT program hosts a quarterly colloquium during which two trainees present the status of their research.


December 9, 2015
10:00 AM
Glazer Learning Center (Lucas Expansion, Room P083)


Subashini Srinivasan, PhD
"Quantitative Breast Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Imaging"

Abstract: Coming soon

Siavash Yousefi, PhD
"Ionoacoustic Bragg Peak Localization for Charged Particle Cancer Therapy"

Abstract: Proton beam therapy is gaining popularity due to its ability to irradiate tumors with higher dose of radiation and better spatial selectivity. In contrast to photons, proton beams deposit most of their energy at a target depth called the Bragg peak location and very little dose is delivered beyond that location. Minimizing radiation dose exposure to healthy and surrounding tissues can reduce the treatment related complications. However, precise localization of energy deposition (Bragg peak) in the patient is very challenging. Bragg peak location estimation error can put surrounding critical organs at risk and dramatically exacerbate the treatment outcome. Establishing a non-invasive and real-time treatment monitoring system to aid localizing proton dose delivery and Bragg peak in vivo has a very high impact on treatment outcome. It is known that high-energy protons produce instantaneous heat and pressure rise at the Bragg peak location. The generated pressure rise propagates through the tissue away from the Bragg peak. Similar to photoacoustics where pressure waves generated by short-pulsed laser tissue irradiation can be detected by an ultrasound transducer, ionoacoustic effect at the Bragg peak location is generated by the energy deposition of ions and sudden heat transfer. In this presentation, the ionoacoustic theory is covered and simulation results will be presented.

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