SCIT Courses

Examples of courses satisfying core requirements: updated Jan 2012

Department Number Title Core
Radiology 220
Introduction to Imaging and Image-Based Human Anatomy
Radiology 221 Introduction to Radiologic Anatomy Imaging
Radiology 222 Multi-Modality Molecular Imaging in Living Subjects Imaging
Radiology 226 In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging Imaging
Radiology 227 Functional MRI Methods Imaging
Radiology 280 Early Clinical Experience in Radiology Imaging
Radiology 299 Directed Reading in Radiology Imaging
Radiology 72Q Fluorescence Imaging in Living Cells Imaging
Radiation Oncology 202A The Basic Science of Radiation Therapy Clinical/Cancer
Radiation Oncology 202B The Basic Science of Radiation Therapy II Clinical/Cancer
Radiation Oncology 299 Directed Reading in Radiation Oncology Clinical/Cancer
Bioengineering 70Q Medical Device Innovation Imaging or Clinical/Cancer
Bioengineering 80 Introduction to Bioengineering Imaging
Bioengineering 101 Systems Biology Clinical/Cancer
Cancer Biology 241 Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Basis of Cancer Clinical/Cancer
Cancer Biology 260 Teaching in Cancer Biology Clinical/Cancer
Cancer Biology 280 Cancer Biology Journal Club Clinical/Cancer
Health Research & Policy 230 Cancer Epidemiology Clinical/Cancer
Health Research & Policy 233 Intermediate Biostatistics: Analysis of Discrete Data Biostatistics
Health Research & Policy 258 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Clinical Research Biostatistics
Health Research & Policy 260 Workshop in Biostatistics Biostatistics
Health Research & Policy 262 Intermediate Biostatistics: Regression, Prediction, Survival Analysis Biostatistics
Bioethics 255, 255C Bioethics of Medicine: Bench (255) and Clinical (255C) Research Bioethics
Biocomputation 218 Computational Molecular Biology Bioinformatics
Biomedical Informatics 366 Computational Biology Bioinformatics
Materials Science 1380 NanoBiotechnology Nanotechnology