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Welcome to the Stanford Center for Innovation in In vivo Imaging (SCi3), the primary small animal and translational imaging shared resource serving our diverse, multi-disciplinary research community.

As we adapt to new technologies and approaches to doing research, SCi3 is also evolving to ensure it continues to meet the emerging needs and scientific goals of our research programs at Stanford.

As we carefully restart research activities, refer to the COVID-19 page for the latest SCi3 updates, operations, and on-site and virtual resources (SUNet ID required).

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Imaging-based interest groups

Join interest groups to expand your imaging repertoire, explore new scientific areas and build collaborations. Open to all at Stanford.

"Data Science in Preclinical Imaging"

Tuesday SCi3 Office Hours
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Every Tuesday | 11-11:30am, Zoom

Drop by at any time with questions, suggestions, or just to brainstorm new ideas.

Specimen drop-off

If Clark S040 room occupancy has been reached, users may coordinate specimen drop-off and setup on the MRI or CT (not live animals), for remote imaging by users. Contact Laura Pisani for more details.

Mission Statement

The Stanford Center for Innovation in In vivo Imaging (SCi3) is a world-class preclinical imaging shared resource providing innovative technologies that enable our researchers to observe, target, measure and ultimately understand biological processes in health and disease in vivo, and to develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.


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Optical imaging
Oct 12, 2020 at 10am
Clark Center room S044

Nov 2, 2020 at 2pm
Clark Center room S044