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WSJ: For Children in the Hospital, VR May Be the Cure — May 28, 2018
While a 9-year-old boy recovered last year from a go-karting accident, the bandages on his wounds need changing multiple times a day. It was a painful, anxiety-inducing ritual – until the boy was handed a virtual reality headset.

WSJ: ‘How Long Do I Have Left?’ AI Can Help Answer That Question — April 29, 2018
An algorithm isn’t going to make decisions for doctors or patients. But as we work to transform more terminal illnesses into treatable ones, artificial intelligence can help inform the difficult conversations about diseases that remain incurable.

WSJ: How One Small Change Helped People Make Healthier Choices — October 20, 2017
Our health is affected by the decisions we make every day, and promoting healthy choices could dramatically stem the growing tide of chronic disease. Actually making healthier choices–as we all know–is an uphill battle.

WSJ: How Medical Schools Can Better Fight Burnout — September 12, 2017
Burnout is a worrisome crisis throughout the medical profession, but there is something uniquely troubling about the fact that medical students experience pressures so great that they burn out on the profession before they’ve even joined it.

WSJ: What Being a Doctor Did — and Didn’t — Teach Me About Leadership — April 12, 2017
The quick-acting, one-shot approach to getting things right in surgery is 180 degrees off when it comes to making decisions in a leadership position. My job today requires that I cultivate dialogue, build trust, incorporate feedback and move forward together.

WSJ: The Secret to Getting Young Men to Go to the DoctorMarch 3, 2017
In a recent study by ClickWell Care co-creators Sumbul Desai and Lauren Cheung, men were more likely than women to receive all of their care virtually – a finding that may affect how we engage with and deliver care to men going forward.

Quartz: The Immigration Ban Is Literally Bad for Your Health — February 27, 2017
I continue to be deeply concerned about recent efforts by the federal government to restrict immigration. Not only are such efforts antithetical to our values, but they also stand to impact the innovation we need to develop the cures of tomorrow. 

Forbes Tech: We Don't Just Need Precision Medicine, We Need Precision HealthJanuary 6, 2016
If the amazing scientific advances of recent years can help us more effectively treat disease based on individual factors, shouldn’t we also put them to work by helping us keep people from getting sick in the first place?

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The ACA hangs in the balance – all the more reason to stop getting sick — January 30, 2017
With the future of the Affordable Care Act now hanging in the balance, we have to double-down on our efforts to avoid getting sick altogether. This will require the incredible courage to create whole new approaches for overcoming disease.

Can the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Stanford really beat disease? I think so. — September 21, 2016
A collaboration between Stanford, UC San Francisco, and UC Berkeley, the new Biohub will engage in basic research projects with the aim of curing all diseases by the end of the century. Fundamental research is our most constant and reliable engine of discovery. 

Does precision health sound like futuristic hype? It's not. Here's why it's way more promising than many realize. — July 14, 2016
The ultimate goal of Precision Health is to bring about a world where we use all relevant knowledge to prevent disease before it strikes and cure it decisively if it does. It’s a world in which we enable our bodies to be their best, from the start.

The future of healthcare must be predictive and preventive—here's why — May 3, 2016
By collecting and analyzing large and diverse datasets, we can break new ground on what it means to be a healthy human being, and explain why people get ill, how to prevent illness and which treatments work best for whom.

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Wall Street Journal (Steve Rosenbush): Algorithms Will Drive Future Health Gains, Dean of Stanford Medical School PredictsApril 21, 2017

Fortune Daily (Clifton Leaf): Why 'Precision Medicine' Isn't Precise Enough — April 10, 2017