Community Advisory Board

Back Row: Left to Right: Isabel Quinonez, Ruben Abrica-Carrasco; 2nd Row: Left to Right: Dana Bunnett, Jeff Urman, Mark Hager; 3rd Row: Left to Right: Kathy Orrico, Andrea Norcia, Kelvin Quan, Arthur Bobrove; Nancy Brown;  4th Row: Left to Right: Alicia Pinn, Ngoc Nguyen, Lupe Rodriquez, Debanti Sengupta; Not Pictured: Divya Raghavan, Pavin Trinh, Philip Dah, Rita French


Operations Co-Chair:

Nicole Ventre, MS

Stanford Center for Clinical Research


Community Co-Chair:

Jonathan Shaw, MD

Ravenswood Clinic and Stanford Division of General Medical Disciplines


Operations Co-Chair:

Katherine Connors, MPH

Spectrum- Stanford Center for Clinical & Translational Research & Education



Rhonda McClinton-Brown, MPH

Stanford Office of Community Engagement for Population Health Sciences


Faculty Co-Chair:

Judith Prochaska, PhD

Stanford Prevention Research Center



Anna Epperson, PhD

Stanford Prevention Research Center


The mission of the Stanford Community Advisory Board (CAB) for Clinical Research is to build and foster partnerships between researchers and the community to ensure clinical research is participant focused, successful and meaningful. The primary aims of the CAB are to (1) enable community members to participate in the research planning process, including assistance with dissemination of research findings to the community; and (2) provide feedback to researchers on recruitment strategies, including reaching specific populations. Researchers receive direct feedback and guidance at CAB meetings and are provided a summary of the meeting discussion. 

Who is eligible to present at CAB meetings?

Clinical researchers from across Stanford’s School of Medicine are eligible to use the CAB for presentation of research ideas, guidance on study start-up and design, recruitment methods and materials, incentives and barriers to participation, etc.

CAB Members

Name Location Joined
Alicia Pinn Mountain House January 2016
Andrea Norcia Sunnyvale January 2016
Andrew Havili Burlingame January 2018
Arthur Bobrove Palo Alto January 2016
Bright Zhou Stanford January 2018
Dana Bunnett Los Altos May 2017
Divya Raghavan   January 2016
Eyasu Kebede Las Vegas January 2018
Isabel Quinonez San Jose January 2016
Jeff Urman Palo Alto January 2016
Karla Cienfuegos Palo Alto January 2018
Kathy Orrico Menlo Park January 2016
Kelvin Quan San Francisco January 2016
Lupe Rodriguez San Jose May 2017
Mark Hager Menlo Park January 2016
Nancy Brown Redwood City January 2016
Ngoc Nguyen Palo Alto January 2016
Rita French Palo Alto January 2016
Ruben Abrica-Carrasco East Palo Alto January 2016
Stefanie Bruggerman Palo Alto January 2018
Yadira DiSiena Menlo Park January 2018

About the Board

The CAB consists of a diverse group of community members who live, work, seek health care, and/or participate in businesses, organizations, or education in areas surrounding Stanford University.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings take place once every other month for a total of 6 meeting per year.

2018 Meeting Calendar:

  • January 10, 2018
  • March 14, 2018
  • May 9, 2018
  • July 11, 2018
  • September 12, 2018
  • November 14, 2018

More Info

  • To learn more or if you would like to schedule a presentation, please email, or call Nicole Ventre, MS, Operations Co-Chair, at 650.721.4026.

Additional Information

Community Member Benefits:

  • Learn about Stanford’s research for increased awareness and education
  • Engage and participate in the research process
  • Provide input, feedback, and idea generation
  • Voice priorities and concerns

Investigator Benefits:

  • Develop processes that are respectful of and acceptable to the community
  • Optimize recruitment methods and incentives for reaching specific community groups (e.g. underrepresented minorities)
  • Anticipate and reduce barriers to study participation
  • Receive community input on study design and materials
  • Identify channels, partners, and best practices for research dissemination

Quotes from Presenters:

Particularly useful were the suggestions on ways in which we could provide value to our participants through involvement in the community.
The CAB put voice to some of our efforts and some concerns we experience internally – it is valuable to have this voice for recommendations come from a neutral party – the  CAB can say things that we may not be able to say as an involved party.
Preparing for and meeting with CAB was a good exercise for me personally because it truly made me think about our projects and barriers to our research.


Date Presenter Presentation Title
11/8/2017 Sandra Winter, PhD and Anna Epperson, PhD WELL study re-consult and Perceptions of Tobacco Marketing in CA
09/13/2017 Beth Darnall Pain Catastrophizing
07/12/2017 Dolores Gallagher and Nusha Askari Healthy Brain Aging Study
05/10/2017 Sam Gambhir MD PhD and Ken Mahaffey, MD Project Baseline: A journey to better understand health and prevent disease (Departments of Radiology and Medicine)
03/08/2017 KJS (Sunny) Anand, MBBS, D. Phil Risk and Resilience in Children: Biomarkers of Adversity & Illness (Department of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology)
01/11/2017 Jessica Whalen; Mary Leonard MD Bone Health and Body Composition Normative Data Project (Spectrum Child Health)
11/09/2016 Rhonda McClinton-Brown, MPH and Jill Evans, MPH CAB Evaluation Review
09/14/2016 Susan Swope, RN Influenza Vaccine Studies (Stanford Children’s Vaccine Program)
07/13/2016 Ryan Matlow, MD Yoga and mindfulness in local schools - Health and Wellness Program Evaluation Study (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
05/11/2016 Sandra Winter, PhD, MHA Advancing the Science of Wellbeing: WELL for Life (Stanford Prevention Research Center)