Site Based Research

What is Site Based Research?

Site based research refers to clinical research where Stanford is identified as the site, which means the research is being conducted by Stanford investigators and staff, and it takes place on the Stanford campus, at Stanford Health Care, or in the local community. This can include studies in which participants never actually visit Stanford (survey studies) – but there is contact with a participant by a Stanford investigator or staff member.

How to use our services

Contact Rebecca McCue if you have a new project you would like to apply for or start, an ongoing study you need assistance with, or if you would like to discuss how to optimize your clinical research operations.

Any inquiries can be sent to   

Our Key Initiatives

Community Advisory Board

The Stanford Center for Clinical Research, in partnership with the Office of Community Health, is excited to announce the formation of a Community Advisory Board (CAB). CAB is a newly created forum to engage and foster partnerships between researchers and the community in order to ensure research is participant focused, successful and meaningful. Learn more here.

Coordinator support

  • Monthly Brown-Bags take place the last Thursday of each month at 11:45 a.m. and are open to all Coordinators and Clinical Research Staff in the Department of Medicine. This is a forum to meet others in the Department of Medicine Coordinator community, share tips, provide input on new initiatives and help problem solve, and to hear about the research going on in the Department. Get details and sign up here
  • Coordinator Pool plans are in development – if you are in need of a Coordinator, contact SCCR to discuss options
  • Research Manager infrastructure – we are working with an initial group of Divisions and Institutes to roll-out a Research Manager structure to support existing and new Coordinators. This structure is a partnership between each group and SCCR, through which the Research Manager establishes and supports Best Practices within each group related to budget development, project management, Coordinator identification, training, and effort allocation, regulatory support, and quality assurance

Education and Training

  • Past training talks available here
  • Upcoming training available here

Study start-up support

  • New Studies - If you want to work with SCCR to obtain a new study, or get your study up and running, contact us here. We can work with you on protocol development, budget development, contract execution, and determining operational start-up needs
  • Tools, templates, and standardized process guides are in development to help Principal Investigators, Coordinators, and other members of the research team streamline the start-up process

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • In Development – Coming Soon!

Diverse research portfolio

  • Current Research Projects - Coming Soon!