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11/8/2017 Sandra Winter, PhD
Anna Epperson, PhD
WELL study re-consult
Perceptions of Tobacco Marketing in CA
09/13/2017 Beth Darnall, PhD Single Session Pain Catastrophizing Treatment: Comparative Efficacy & Mechanisms
7/12/2017 Dolores Gallagher PhD, ABPP-Geropsychology, and Nusha Askari, PhD Healthy Brain Aging Study
05/10/2017 Sam Gambhir MD, PhD, and Ken Mahaffey, MD Project Baseline: Monitoring Disease Transition to Preserve Human Health
03/08/2017 KJS Anand, MBBS, D. Phil Risk and Resilience in Children: Biomakers of Adversity & Illness

Jessica Whalen, BASc

Bone Health and Body Composition Normative Data Project  
11/09/2016 Rhonda McClinton-Brown, MPH and Jill Evans, MPH CAB Evaluation Review
09/14/2016 Susan Swope, RN Influenza Vaccine Studies
07/13/2016 Ryan Matlow, MD

Health and Wellness Program Evaluation Study  

05/11/2016 Sandra Winter, PhD, MHA Advancing the Science of Wellbeing: WELL for Life