Research Services

Site-Based Research

We can provide single services, or work with you to run your entire clinical research project through SCCR.

Key services include:

Coordinating Center

We facilitate the successful execution of single or multi-site studies with operational efficiency.

Our core services:

  • Project management
  • Clinical Event Adjudication
  • DSMB Services

Education & Training

SCCR develops and delivers effective, tailored education and training for all members of the clinical research team.

Key services include:

  • On-site training
  • Online educational modules
  • Mentorship

Quality & Compliance

SCCR implements a Quality by Design strategy at leadership and organizational levels. We place heavy emphasis on upstream, proactive processes and continuous evaluation and improvement.

What We Do & Our Approach

We conduct site-based research in partnership with Stanford University faculty, and oversee multisite and virtual clinical research projects through the coordinating center. We have developed a quality by design and risk management approach, a comprehensive education and training program, and a commitment to excellence. We collaborate with faculty broadly regarding therapeutic and methodologic domains.