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Working at SCCR

At SCCR, we strive to find team members who are passionate about their work, are creative and want to deliver results. We place a high priority on equipping our team members to perform their job efficiently, helping them acquire new skills and grow within the organization. We encourage our team members to have a healthy balance between work commitments and life outside of work, and provide them all the support to achieve this balance.

"I like working for SCCR as the leadership really supports wellness and work life balance, we have been encouraged to use the App Calm to meditate, and referred to wellness resources such as the Greater Good. I really feel that they walk the talk."

-Donna Williams

"The benefit of working at SCCR is that we are embedded within an enriching, academic environment full of infinite learning opportunities. This supports both the professional and personal growth of team members at all stages of their careers."

-Nisha Talati

If you are looking to make a larger impact through global reaching clinical research and want to work towards the growth of both yourself and the organization, then please apply directly via the links below: