Our Team

Executive Leadership

Kenneth W. Mahaffey, MD


Toni Nunes, MA, MPH

Director, Operations & Strategy

Rebecca McCue

Associate Director

Nadia Elkarra, MD

Associate Director

Rhonda Larsen, PA

Senior Advisor


Gotzone Garay, PhD

Clinical Research Manager


Before joining SCCR, I devoted my professional life to social science research, particularly to impacting pediatric medicine. I’ve enjoyed the beauty of the Stanford campus, its research, and community, since 2006, and I cannot get enough! I am passionate about traveling and underwater marine life (that might explain why I am so happy in this part of the world).

Kiera Larsen, BSN, RN

Education Program Manager


I received my BA from Boston University and BSN from Duke University. I enjoy time in the mountains, my 3 sisters, and yoga.

Maya Berdichesky, BS, DMD

Quality and Compliance Manager


I received my BS and DMD from the Hebrew University. I love animals and enjoy hiking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Nicole Ventre, MS

Business Development Manager


I received my BA from University of Pittsburgh and MS from University of Amsterdam. I love spending time with friends and my dog.

Nisha Talati, MBA, CCRA, CCRC

Clinical Research Operations Manager


I received my BS from UCLA and MBA from University of Arizona; avid national park hiker with a passion for public health and social entrepreneurship.

Sue Swope, RN, MS

Research Nurse Manager


Before joining SCCR, I worked for 13 years in research organizations across academic, hospital and pharmaceutical industries both in the USA and India. I enjoy traveling and exploring nature and different cultures. I love spending time with family and friends, especially with my little daughter who aspires to join Stanford’s women's soccer team.


Sumana Shashidhar, MA, MS

Clinical Research Manager


I received my MS from India, MA from San Jose State University. I love being with my 7-year-old daughter, my husband, and classical Indian dancing.

Tine Bjornlund, MBA, CCRC

Clinical Research Manager


I serve as the Clinical Research Manager for Project Baseline, a large, multi-site study sponsored by Verily Life Sciences. I focus on the clinical assessments and follow-up for the study.


  • Abdullah Orakzai  - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Alexandria George - Clinical Research Coordinator ll
  • Alexis Touros - Clinical Research Coordinator ll
  • Anastasia Boumis - Clinical Research Coordinator ll
  • Angela Jean Fuller, MA - Clinical Research Manager
  • Anudeep Atwal -  Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Aubrey Adiao  -  Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Brett Evan Avery - Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Bhanu Sharma, PhD - Regulatory Compliance Leader
  • Bianca Tran - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Chiara Orlando - Clinical Research Coordinator ll
  • Christina Milcarek - Administrative Associate
  • Cristina Isabel Martinez - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Cynthia Ochoa - Administrative Associate
  • Divya Pathak - Clinical Resesarch Coordinator ll
  • Donna Williams, RN, MPH - Senior Research Nurse
  • Elvi Sanjines - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Eli Rice - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Emily Jessica Hendrickson - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Erica Crenshaw - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Fides Mabunay - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Heer Singh - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator 
  • India Rangel - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Janet Cunningham - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Jasmine LaCoursiere - Clinical Research Manager
  • Joann Xin Wu - Quality & Compliance Associate
  • Karma Lhamo, MSc - Clinical Research Operations Specialist II
  • Kent Feng - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate 
  • Liisa Dewhurst, RN, MSN - Senior Research Nurse
  • Leonard Basobas - Project Manager for CEC and Clinical Research
  • Lori Panu - Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Ma Luisa Elepano - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Mai Nguyen - Clinical Research Operations Specialist II
  • Marcela Rodriguez - Lead Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Melody Chang - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Nicholas Sprague - Research Finance Administrator
  • Pamela Gallant - Research Nurse
  • Patricia Udrizar - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Piyawadee Rakasil - Clinical Research Operations Specialist
  • Rajvir Kaur - Clinical Research Operations Specialist
  • Rajvir Kauma - Data Operations Coordinator
  • Rey Naik - Operations Coordinator
  • Rinoka Sato - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Saron Araya - Clinical Research Coordinator Associate
  • Savita Kamble - Clinical Research Manager
  • Shea Smith - Clinical Research Operations Specialist ll
  • Sherona Harris - Administrative Associate 
  • Sohrab Sami - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Susan Saba - Lead Athletics and Education Coordinator
  • Sushmitha Tallapalli - Clinical Trial Safety Specialist
  • Tanvi Chitre - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Taras Bai - Eye Specialist