About SCCR

Our Mission

The Stanford Center Clinical Research (SCCR) has a mission to innovate, support and promote high impact global reaching clinical research to improve human health.  The SCCR leverages the physical and intellectual resources of Stanford University and its affiliated teaching hospitals and research centers to achieve this mission. The teaching hospitals include both the Stanford Hospital and Clinics and VA Palo Alto Health Care System. The research centers include the Palo Alto Coordinating Center of the VA Cooperative Studies Program and the Stanford Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU).

The SCCR is an Academic Research Organization (ARO) with operational expertise, a competitive pricing structure, and an academic focus.  Housed within Stanford’s Department of Medicine (DoM), we support both the Site-Based Research (SBR) activities and infrastructure of the DoM and of partners across the University, and we provide Coordinating Center (CC) services for single- and multi-center research studies. Our faculty possess expertise in multiple therapeutic areas representative of a large school of medicine and areas of clinical research from translational sciences, clinical trials, outcomes, health services research and quantitative sciences. 

At the SCCR, rigorous scientific investigations are supported by quality and efficient operational processes.  Just as clinical research defines the evidence to support clinical care, evidence-based operations drive the creation of necessary infrastructure and processes.  To achieve the parallel and complementary goals of high impact research and quality operations, the SCCR leadership has been established with teams that specialize in partnering individuals with clinical and operational expertise.  The leadership has also instituted a culture that embraces collaboration, innovation, and evidence-based operations.

Our Structure

The Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR) is an Academic Research Organization (ARO) within the Department of Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine. The SCCR is comprised of three clinical research business enterprises, each supported in a matrix structure as below.

The SCCR has a heterogeneous portfolio with projects sponsored by pharmaceutical and medical device industries, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and foundations.  At SCCR, we efficiently integrate academic expertise and business objectives to meet the needs of clinical research sponsors. Our affiliation and close interaction with faculty members allows us to provide access to valuable scientific leadership.