Stanford Center for Clinical Research

Our mission is to conduct and promote high-impact, innovative clinical research to improve human health


SCCR: The Engine That’s Powering Clinical Research

SCCR was featured in the Department of Medicine's 2019 annual report. SCCR is the “operational engine” that enables many faculty throughout Stanford to drive robust clinical research enterprises. Since its inception in late 2014, SCCR has grown to 70 staff and partnered with more than 50 faculty and 25 fellows on 82 research projects. Learn more

Project Baseline: Putting People at the Heart of Health Research

This month marked the two-year anniversary of Project BaselineVerily’s initiative to map human health. [Project Baseline] started with a longitudinal, observational Health Study in partnership with Duke University School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine, and Google. Learn more.

Apple Watch Detects Irregular Heart Beat in Large U.S. Study

Reuters reports that the Apple Watch was able to detect irregular heart pulse rates that could signal the need for further monitoring for a serious heart rhythm problem, according to data from a large study funded by Apple Inc., demonstrating a potential future role for wearable consumer technology in healthcare. Learn more.

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