Stanford Center for Clinical Research

Our mission is to conduct and promote high-impact, innovative clinical research to improve human health


SCCR: The Engine That’s Powering Clinical Research

SCCR was featured in the Department of Medicine's 2019 annual report. SCCR is the “operational engine” that enables many faculty throughout Stanford to drive robust clinical research enterprises. Since its inception in late 2014, SCCR has grown to 70 staff and partnered with more than 50 faculty and 25 fellows on 82 research projects. Learn more

Cardiva Medical Announces FDA Approval of the VASCADE MVP

SCCR, in collaboration with the Stanford Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU), successfully completed enrollment for the AMBULATE study, sponsored by Cardiva Medical in June 2018. VASCADE MVP, the closure system used in the AMBULATE trial, received FDA approval on November 28th! Learn more.

Apple Watch Heart Study With Stanford Signs Up 400,000 People

Bloomberg reports that more than 400,000 people have signed up for a Stanford University study being sponsored by Apple Inc. to examine whether Apple Watch can detect patients with undiagnosed heart rhythm problems, one of the largest heart screening studies ever to be conducted. Learn more.

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