Developing a Plan: Finding the Facts

Often, the first step in developing a plan is to gather information. Likely, you are trying to learn as much as possible about your loved-one’s medical condition.

1. Make a list of questions

We suggest you start by making a list of questions you have about your loved-one’s medical condition.

2. How can I assess the reliability of the sources of information?

Clinicians, especially doctors, will best be able to answer questions about your loved-one’s specific situation. Do not forget to talk with the other clinicians caring for your loved one. They too will be able to provide a lot of accurate and specific information that is directly relevant to your loved one.

Info Check

  • Check that the information you find is appropriate for your level of understanding and your need.
  • Check the credentials of whoever is sponsoring or providing the information. Be suspicious of commercial sites, selling a particular product or approach.
  • Be prepared for the fact that you may find information that is prone to misunderstanding or is disturbing to you. Remember, not all that is on the Internet is intended for a person in your situation nor may it be relevant

Info Search

When looking for information look for Government sites meant for patients and familiesMedline is an excellent source of reliable information.