DVA Perfusion

Developmental venous anomalies (DVAs) are the most common vascular malformation in the brain, with a reported incidence of 2.5-3%. They are frequently identified on routine brain imaging using CT and MRI and have been observed to demonstrate abnormal perfusion parameters on ASL, dynamic susceptibility contrast MR imaging, and CT perfusion.  DVAs can also coexist with other cerebrovascular malformations such as cavernous malformations, arteriovenous fistulas, and arteriovenous malformations.  Classification of DVAs coexisting with an arteriovenous shunt or arteriovenous malformation remains controversial, although these “hybrid” lesions have been described as transitional or mixed vascular malformations in the literature.  In this study, we investigate the frequency and characteristics of DVA-associated perfusion abnormalities on MRI using ASL and bolus perfusion-weighted imaging and discuss their potential causes."

Iv M, Fischbein NJ, Zaharchuk G, Association of developmental venous anomalies with perfusion abnormalities on arterial spin labeling and bolus perfusion-weighted imaging, J Neuroimag 2014; 25(2):243-50