Comparison of R2’ Measurement Methods in the Normal Brain at 3 Tesla

R2’, a property of soft tissue calculated by observing the rate of reversible relaxation of MRI signal, is an important measurement for studies of brain physiology and pathologies. However, in existing literature, different R2’ measurement methods are used interchangeably with assumption of equivalency. This study compares 4 standard R2’ measurement techniques using the GESFIDE sequence in healthy, young subjects, and finds the method to have a dramatic impact on the measurements. Therefore, future researchers and clinicians should choose a technique carefully and consistently, so that they can generate robust and rigorous findings.


Ni WW, Christen T, Zun Z, Zaharchuk G. Comparison of R2’ measurement methods in the normal brain at 3 tesla. Magn. Reson. Med. 2015;73:1228–1236.