Pendse wins 2016 ISMRM Challenge

Mihir Pendse and ISMRM President, Dr. Garry Gold

Mihir Pendse (EE graduate student working in Prof Brian Rutt's group) has won the parallel transmit (pTx) portion of the 2016 ISMRM Challenge. This involved designing pTx and pTx-SMS RF pulses for MRI that satisfy various excitation accuracy (slice profile and in-slice homogeneity), hardware (peak power, max gradient amplitude and slew) and SAR (local and global) constraints. The winning pulse was the one with the shortest duration subject to these constraints and Mihir's design was 20% better than the runner-up team. This was a year long challenge with multiple phases that concluded in the presentation of the award in Singapore and will also be featured in an upcoming publication in the Magnetic Resonance in Medicine journal.

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