RSL Scientists Honored at JMRI 25 Year Celebration

Three papers published by RSL scientists were featured in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 25 year anniversary celebration at the ISMRM conference.  Papers led by Gary Glover and Scott Reeder (now at University of Wisconsin) contributed to the ability to make separate water and fat images in MRI - methods now used daily in clinical practice.  The third paper, led by Norbert Pelc, was an important development toward using MRI to measure blood flow, a method now available for routine cardiovascular MRI.

The full JMRI 25year Virtual Issue is here.

Multipoint dixon technique for water and fat proton and susceptibility imaging

Gary H. Glover, PhD

Water–fat separation with IDEAL gradient-echo imaging

Scott B. Reeder MD, PhD, Charles A. McKenzie PhD, Angel R. Pineda PhD, Huanzhou Yu PhD, Ann Shimakawa MS, Anja C. Brau PhD, Brian A. Hargreaves PhD, Garry E. Gold MD, Jean H. Brittain PhD

Encoding strategies for three-direction phase-contrast MR imaging of flow

Norbert J. Pelc ScD, Matt A. Bernstein PhD, Ann Shimakawa MS, Gary H. Glover PhD