Community & Student Volunteer Opportunity


Hoarding disorder (HD) is a highly disabling condition in which individuals have persistent difficulty parting with personal possessions, which results in clutter and inability to use the rooms in the home for their intended use. It causes public health problems when clutter attracts pest infestations or obstructs fire exits in apartment buildings, endangering both personal and neighbors' safety. Better treatments are needed to prevent the morbidity of hoarding disorder. Buried in Treasures Workshop (BIT) has been shown to improve symptoms of hoarding disorder including decreasing acquiring, and improving difficulty discarding (Frost, Ruby, Shuer 2012; Frost, Pekareva-Kochergina, and Maxner 2011). Previous studies testing BIT in a population of individuals with hoarding who were at risk for eviction also found improvements in hoarding symptoms (Rodriguez et al in preparation). Despite improvements in hoarding symptoms across studies, we found that at study end, individuals who were at risk for eviction still had levels of clutter that put them at continued risk. To target levels of clutter, we developed an intervention in collaboration with Frost et al to add in home decluttering practice to BIT Workshop. This study will test the feasibility of adding ten in-home decluttering sessions (2 hours per session) to BIT workshop. We will assess whether this intervention will reduce both hoarding symptoms and clutter. BIT Workshop is a 3 month group led by two facilitators. In home decluttering (a maximum of 10 two hour sessions per participant) will be led by two volunteers per participant. An independent evaluator will assess clutter level in the home before, during, and after study start.

Our program is looking to partner with community members to help those with hoarding disorder (HD) overcome difficulties parting with some of their possessions. Our aim is to help those with HD live in safer and more usable living spaces. We are looking for "decluttering facilitators", which is an important role in our Buried in Treasures (BITS) group therapy intervention.


You will receive training on exposure exercises specific to adults diagnosed with Hoarding Disorder. You will attend weekly teleconference meeting with the research team, close supervision by the research team and participation at the monthly educational lab meeting of the Rodriguez Lab.  


  • Facilitate at least ten 2-4 hour sessions with each participant
  • Completion of HIPAA and CITI Training and other paperwork required to ensure proper protection of human subjects' information
  • Completion of hoarding disorder behavioral practice training


If you are interested in applying for this position, please email us at: