Research Management Group (RMG)

Research Process Manager (RPM)
Clinical Trial Contract Officer (CTCO)
Research Financial Compliance Manager (RFCM)

Department of Radiology

For Clinical Trials only:
CT RPM (non-cancer related):    Gayle Campbell,,    Phone:   650-497-0478
CT Contract Officer (cancer and non-cancer related):   TB
(*contact to contact for information on assignments)

For Industry-Funded Clinical Trials (cancer-related):

Monique Bertrand, Cancer Clinical Trials Office, 724-4428,
Associate: Karla Penados, 736-0715,

Research Financial Compliance Manager (RFCM):

Donna Mahood,, 650-723-2437

RPMs for Grants and Contracts other than Clinical Trials:
RPM Contact Information
Faculty list and RPM assignments


Note: Postdoctoral Fellows and Instructors should work with the RPM assigned to their mentor.


Faculty/Researcher Division/Program RPM
Demirci, Utkan Canary Amy Barelli
Soh, Tom Canary Amy Barelli
Stolowitz, Mark Canary Amy Barelli
Stoyanova, Tanya Canary Amy Barelli
Daniel, Bruce Body Imaging Chelsey Perry
Jeffrey, Brooke Body Imaging Chelsey Perry
Kamaya, Aya Body Imaging Chelsey Perry
Loening, Andreas Body Imaging Chelsey Perry
Poullos, Peter Body Imaging Chelsey Perry
Willmann, Juergen Body Imaging Chelsey Perry
Ghanouni, Peji Body MRI Chelsey Perry
Herfkens, Robert Body MRI Chelsey Perry
DeMartini, Wendy Breast Imaging Derek Harrison
Ikeda, Deborah Breast Imaging Derek Harrison
Lipson, Jafi Breast Imaging Derek Harrison
Guo, Henry Chest/Thoracic Imaging   Derek Harrison
Langlotz, Curtis Chest/Thoracic Imaging   Derek Harrison
Leung, Ann Chest/Thoracic Imaging   Derek Harrison
Becker, Christoph CV Imaging   Derek Harrison
Chan, Frandics CV Imaging   Derek Harrison
Fleischmann, Dominik CV Imaging   Derek Harrison
Churko, Jared CV Institute Derek Harrison
Wu, Joe CV Institute Derek Harrison
Gold, Garry MSK Derek Harrison
Beaulieu, Christopher MSK   Derek Harrison
Biswal, Sandip MSK   Derek Harrison
DeMartini, Joseph MSK   Derek Harrison
Lutz, Amelie MSK   Derek Harrison
Bammer, Roland RSL Derek Harrison
Dahl, Jeremy RSL Derek Harrison
Glover, Gary RSL Derek Harrison
Hargreaves, Brian RSL Derek Harrison
Holdsworth, Samantha RSL Derek Harrison
McNab, Jennifer RSL Derek Harrison
Moseley, Michael RSL Derek Harrison
Pauly, Kim Butts RSL Derek Harrison
Pelc, Norbert RSL Derek Harrison
Rutt, Brian RSL Derek Harrison
Spielman, Daniel RSL Derek Harrison
Winkler, Simone RSL Derek Harrison
Massaband, Payam VA Derek Harrison
Olcott, Eric VA Derek Harrison
Segall, George VA Derek Harrison
Napel, Sandy IBIIS Nicolo Mendoza
Plevritis, Sylvia IBIIS Nicolo Mendoza
Rubin, Daniel IBIIS Nicolo Mendoza
Hofmann, Rusty IR Nicolo Mendoza
Hwang, Gloria IR Nicolo Mendoza
Kothary, Nishita IR Nicolo Mendoza
Kuo, William IR Nicolo Mendoza
Louie, John IR Nicolo Mendoza
Sze, Daniel IR Nicolo Mendoza
Wang, David IR Nicolo Mendoza
Airan, Raag Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Fischbein, Nancy Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Iv, Michael Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Massoud, Tarik Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Wintermark, Max Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Zaharchuk, Gregory Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Zeineh, Michael Neuro Nicolo Mendoza
Do, Huy Neuro IR   Nicolo Mendoza
Heit, Jeremy Neuro IR   Nicolo Mendoza
Marks, Michael Neuro IR   Nicolo Mendoza
Davidzon, Guido NucMed Nicolo Mendoza
Iagaru, Andrei NucMed Nicolo Mendoza
Mittra, Erik  NucMed Nicolo Mendoza
Barth, Richard Pediatrics Nicolo Mendoza
Blankenberg, Francis Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Cheng, Joseph Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Daldrup-Link, Heike Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Larson, David Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Lungren, Matthew Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Thakor, Avnesh Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Yeom, Kristen Pediatrics   Nicolo Mendoza
Vasanawala, Shreyas Pediatrics/Body MRI Nicolo Mendoza
Going, Catherine Canary Sylvia Holland
Mallick, Parag Canary Sylvia Holland
Nair, Viswam Canary Sylvia Holland
Pitteri, Sharon Canary Sylvia Holland
Totten, Sara Canary Sylvia Holland
Van de Ven Stephanie Canary Sylvia Holland
Akin, Demir MIPS Sylvia Holland
Cheng, Zhen MIPS Sylvia Holland
Chin, Fred MIPS Sylvia Holland
Gambhir, Sam MIPS Sylvia Holland
James, Michele MIPS Sylvia Holland
Levin, Craig MIPS Sylvia Holland
Paulmurugan, Ramasamy MIPS Sylvia Holland
Rao, Jianghong MIPS Sylvia Holland
Smith, Bryan MIPS Sylvia Holland
Zavaleta, Cristina MIPS Sylvia Holland








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