Research Management Group (RMG)

Research Process Manager (RPM)
and Clinical Trial Contract Officer Assignments

Department of Neurology

For Clinical Trials only:
RPM (non-cancer related): Uuve Sauga,, 650-736-0592
Contract Officer:   Stephanie Tramz,,  Phone: 650-725-5246
CT Associate:      Elizabeth Sotelo,, Phone: 650-724-6583
For clinical trial amendments and no cost extensions:
Associate Contract officer:
Cathi Blackwood,, Phone: 650-724-3038

For Industry-Funded Clinical Trials (cancer-related):
Monique Bertrand, Cancer Clinical Trials Office, 724-4428,
Associate: Karla Penados, 736-0715,

Faculty Assignment List for Grants and Contracts:

RPM-temporary coverage provided by:

RPM:    Debbie Campbell,, 650-724-8907
RPM Associate:   Nick Steinberg,, 650-725-4307

RPM:    Sharon Collum,, 650-721-1813
RPM Associate:   Nick Steinberg,, 650-725-4307

RPM:    Karen Mulkey,, 650- 498-4022
RPM Associate:  Nick Steinberg,, 650-725-4307

RPM:   Randy Rodriguez,, 650-498-6878
RPM Associate:    Nick Steinberg,, 650-725-4307


Faculty RPM
Ajami, Bahareh Randy Rodriguez
Albers, Gregory Debbie Campbell
Altmann, Andre Karen Mulkey
Andreasson, Katrin Karen Mulkey
Aurora, Sheena Sharon Collum
Axtell, Robert Karen Mulkey
Bronte-Stewart, Helen Sharon Collum
Brown, Holden Karen Mulkey
Buckwalter, Marion Randy Rodriguez
Campen, Cynthia Debbie Campbell
Caulfield, Anna Finley Debbie Campbell
Cekanaviciute, Egle Randy Rodriguez
Cho, Charles Sharon Collum
Cho, Yoon-Jae Debbie Campbell
Christian, Catherine Karen Mulkey
Chuang, Rosalind Debbie Campbell
Cowan, Robert Karen Mulkey
Day, John Sharon Collum
Dearlove, Joanna Sharon Collum
Dorfman, Leslie Sharon Collum
Duane, Dawn Debbie Campbell
Dunn, Jeffrey Debbie Campbell
Elbers, Jorina Debbie Campbell
Fisher, Paul Debbie Campbell
Fisher, Robert Debbie Campbell
Frechette, Eric Karen Mulkey
Graber, Kevin Sharon Collum
Greicius, Michael Karen Mulkey
Hahn, Jin Sharon Collum
Han, May Randy Rodriguez
Hindiye, Nada Sharon Collum
Hirsch, Karen Randy Rodriguez
Huguenard, John Karen Mulkey
Jaradeh, Safwan Sharon Collum
Jeng, Susy Sharon Collum
Kerchner, Geoffrey Sharon Collum
Kilbane, Camilla Sharon Collum
Kuipers, Hedwich Randy Rodriguez
Kurnellas, Michael Randy Rodriguez
Lansberg, Maarten Debbie Campbell
Larkin, Paul Karen Mulkey
Lee-Messer, Chris Debbie Campbell
Lee, Hyun Joo Sharon Collum
Lee, Jin Hyung Sharon Collum
Longo, Frank Sharon Collum
Lopez, Jaime Sharon Collum
Luo, Jian Randy Rodriguez
MacKenzie, Katie Sharon Collum
Meador, Kimford Sharon Collum
Monje-Deisseroth, Michelle Randy Rodriguez
Moon, Byoung San Randy Rodriguez
Muppidi, Sri Sharon Collum
Nagpal, Seema Sharon Collum
Olivot, Jean-Marc Debbie Campbell
Olson, Donald Sharon Collum
Partap, Sonia Randy Rodriguez
Parvizi, Josef Randy Rodriguez
Porter, Brenda Debbie Campbell
Poston, Kathleen Randy Rodriguez
Prince, David Karen Mulkey
Rando, Thomas Sharon Collum
Recht, Lawrence Sharon Collum
Reimer, Richard Sharon Collum
Richiardi, Jonas Karen Mulkey
Rodgers, Joseph Randy Rodriguez
Scheherazade, Le Sharon Collum
Schwartz, Neil Debbie Campbell
Sha, Sharon Sharon Collum
So, Yuen Randy Rodriguez
Steinman, Lawrence Randy Rodriguez
Stern, Christopher Karen Mulkey
Takahashi, Daniel Koji Karen Mulkey
Tesi-Rocha, Caolina Randy Rodriguez
VanHaren, Keith Karen Mulkey
Venkat, Chitra Debbie Campbell
Wusthoff, Courney Debbie Campbell
Wyss-Coray, Tony Sharon Collum
Yang, Yanmin Randy Rodriguez
Zeifert, Penelope Sharon Collum


























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