Research Management Group (RMG)

Research Process Manager (RPM)
and Clinical Trial Contract Officer Assignments

Department of Neurology

For Clinical Trials only:
RPM (non-cancer related): Uuve Sauga,, 650-736-0592
Contract Officer:   Stephanie Tramz,,  Phone: 650-725-5246
CT Associate:      Elizabeth Sotelo,, Phone: 650-724-6583
For clinical trial amendments and no cost extensions:
Associate Contract officer:
Cathi Blackwood,, Phone: 650-724-3038

For Industry-Funded Clinical Trials (cancer-related):
Monique Bertrand, Cancer Clinical Trials Office, 724-4428,
Associate: Karla Penados, 736-0715,

Faculty Assignment List for Grants and Contracts:

RPM:   Gayle Campbell,, 650-497-0478

RPM Associate
Maria Benensohn,, 650-498-7891




























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