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Pediatric Cancer Research-Immunology or Immunotherapy

Limited funding opportunity for Stanford faculty with UTL, MCL, and NTLR appointments and CE faculty (with an approved CE faculty PI waiver obtained through their RPM at least one-week prior to the internal deadline). Proposals will be accepted for preclinical research/translational research that supports new approaches to immunotherapy and immune-prevention of cancer, specifically in pediatric cancer research. Please see the Stanford eligibility clarification below.


The internal selection process for 2017 has been completed. This webpage is for your reference only.

# applicants: only one applicant is permitted (see the internal submission guidelines below)

Stanford Cancer Institute internal deadline (one page proposal):  Thursday, May 19, 2017, 5 p.m. (see internal submission guidelines below)
Cancer Institute will notify the applicant selected: May 30, 2017
Cancer Institute will submit the Lead PI's Letter of intent, the LOI cover form & nomination forrm* to the foundation: June 2, 2017, 5 p.m. EDT
*to be signed by Dr. Beverly Mitchell, the Director of the Cancer Institute.
The foundation will then send the login credientials for the application system to the applicant.
Completed PDRF form and complete application materials must be submitted to the applicant's RPM: July 8, 2017
Online application to be submitted to the V Foundation: July 15, 2017

The V Foundation submits Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to the directors of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated facilities and prominent universities involved in critical cancer research throughout the United States.
Download a PDF flle of the guidelines.
(Please read the Stanford eligibility clarification below first.)

Amount of funding:
The Award is a three-year grant of $200,000 per year. A maximum of 10% indirect costs (within the award amount) are supported in the Award. NIH salary caps are observed

Nominated applicants who will lead the research team must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to submit an application:


The V Foundation is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity in pediatric cancer immunology or pediatric cancer immunotherapy. Advances in cancer immunology research have led to recent unprecedented successes of immunotherapy in the clinic. We are seeking proposals that will further advance knowledge on the mechanisms driving anti-cancer immunity, including work on tumor antigens, immune biomarkers and the tumor immune microenvironment which may have future translational value.

We welcome proposals of preclinical research/translational research that supports new approaches to immunotherapy and immune-prevention of cancer, specifically in pediatric cancer research. We are interested in various immunotherapy/ cancer immunology research questions as applied to pediatric cancer, including: biomarker research for stratification, biomarker validation research, combination of checkpoint inhibitors with vaccines. We encourage cross disciplinary research, including expertise from other disciplines (for example: bioinformatics, computational scientists, or engineers) as applicable to the research. Grants will be awarded through the Translational Award grant mechanism.

Translational projects should move a novel strategy from the laboratory into a human clinical trial or use specimens from a clinical trial to develop biomarkers or mechanisms.
The research should apply in some direct way to human beings within the time frame of less than 5 years. If biomarker research is undertaken, a validation set or independent clinical trial is essential. A plan for biomarker validation, if applicable, must be included in any proposal. The endpoint of the project should be the planning or initiation of a new clinical trial.


By Thursday, May 19, 2017, 5 p.m. please submit one PDF file (File name: Last name_V_Foundation_Peds.pdf) of the following via email attachment to:

Denise Baughman
Project Manager
Stanford Cancer Institute

Institutional representative: you do not have to submit your internal proposall through your RPM in RMG for their approval, you can submit it directly to Denise.
Exception: **CE faculty must obtain an approved CE faculty PI waiver request >> through their RPM at least one week prior to the internal deadline and include a copy with their internal proposal.)

1) One page page proposal:
Title of the RFP: V Foundation Pediatric Cancer Resesarch-Immunology or Immunotherapy
Project title:
Lead PI name, title, department, phone number and email
Co-PIs or Collaborators, if applicable (First and Last name, with degrees, instituton)
Please list your specific aims
* The LOI will serve to identify specific areas of expertise for reviewer selection so please include relevant key words]

2) NIH Biosketch

3) For CE faculty only:

Please attach a copy of your approved CE faculty waiver request



Denise Baughman
Project Manager
Administration Office
Stanford Cancer Institute
Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Building/SIM 1
265 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305-5456
t 650-724-9547
f 650-736-0607


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