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Uniting Against Lung Cancer
National Lung Cancer Partnership
Impact Award

**REVISED***Limited award-university-wide internal selection process required for the Uniting Against Lung Cancer Impact Award**

This webpage contains the information for the 2012 internal selection process for your information only.

Last week's Cancer Funding opportunity email announcement mistakenly listed a new funding opportunity, Uniting Against Lung Cancer Impact Award ($200K) without distinguishing it as a limited program. Only 3 pre-applications are permitted from the institution for the following funding opportunity, therefore, an internal selection process is required, per the instructions in this webpage.

# of pre-applications permitted: 3 (see the internal submisison guidelines below)

Internal Deadline: Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, 4 p.m. (see the internal submission guidelines below)
Sponsor's pre-application deadline (for 3 finalists selected): Nov. 12, 2012


Amount of funding:
$100,000/yr x 2 yrs


All Stanford faculty with PI eligibility
PIs may not have knowingly received any research funding from the tobacco industry, its parent companies, or subsidiaries within the last 5 years.
Collaborations with industry partners are encouraged; however the PI must be an academic researcher.
PIs must demonstrate compelling preliminary data and proof of concept at the time of submission.

This award is intended to support clinical translational research that will promote significant improvements
over current approaches to lung cancer prevention, detection or therapy, moving observational studies to
clinical practice.

Principal Investigators (PIs) must present a clear experimental plan for translational studies intended to
result in tangible clinical relevance and patient impact. PIs must demonstrate a strategic plan and timeline for clinical implementation in 5 years or less from the start of the two-year award.

Disease focus

Funding is intended for lung cancer research only, including both non-small cell and small cell lung cancers. We
will not consider research related to mesothelioma, thymic or other thoracic malignancies, or smoking

Internal submission guidelines

By Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, 4 p.m. please submit one PDF containing the following to:

Jeanne Heschele
Research Management Group

(These guidelines are based on the sponsor's pre-application instructions)

Pages 1-2
Title of this RFA: National Lung Cancer Partnership Uniting Against Lung Cancer Impact Award
Principal Investigator (title, department, address, email, phone)
Collaborator Information (title, department, address, email, phone)
Project Title
-Project Narrative is limited to two (2) pages, not including references. This limit includes the text and any figures, tables, etc. needed to support the clarity of the pre-application. The inclusion of preliminary data is required. The following elements should be included in the Project Narrative.
Rationale: Clearly and concisely articulate the ideas and reasoning behind the rationale for the
project, including relevant citations.
Hypothesis or Objective: State the hypothesis to be tested or objective to be reached.
Research Approach: State the project’s specific aims. Include a brief overview of the
experimental approach(es) to be used to address these aims.
Impact: Convincingly describe how the proposed project will result in tangible clinical relevance
and impact for lung cancer patients.

Page 3: Cited references.

Biosketch (for PI and Co-PI)






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