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Research Management Group (RMG)

Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

This webpage contains fellowships and mentored career development grants for postdoctoral and clinical fellows.

Index of funding opportunities



INstitutional representatives & stanford's internal proposal deadline policy

For PIs in the School of Medicine:
Institutional representatives and Stanford's Internal Proposal Deadline Policy
The institutional representative (Research Process Manager in RMG or RMG Fellowship Office and the internal proposal deadline are included for each announcement on this webpage AND on the master list. The institutional representative deadline is the "complete by date", per the School of Medicine/RMG internal proposal deadline policy on this webpage >>.

Institutional representatives identified for each RFP:

For PIs in other Schools:
The institutional representative for these announcements is your Department's Contract and Grant officer (CGO) in the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). To download the pre-award OSR department assignment list and the OSR internal proposal deadline policy, please see this DoResearch webpage >>.













Proposal central application instructions


How to delegate the authority to submit your proposal to the RPM

In order for RPMs* to review and submit grants through Proposal Central, the PI has to go to the section of the application titled "Enable Other Users to Access this Proposal." The PI should scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the RPM's* email address, then give the RPM"administrative" permission. The "administrative" permission allows the RPM* to view, edit and submit the application. If the RPM is not given "administrative" permission, the RPM* will not be able to access the submit button.
*For PIs in other schools: substitute your OSR contract officer's email address in place of the RPM

Special Note: Selecting the Institution's Name
School of Medicine PIs: Med. should select item #6 (following the “MDA clinic” listing) when they search for Stanford University. This one has the RMG Porter Drive address.
PIs in other schools: Select "the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University" which will display the OSR address.

Selecting a signing official:
SoM PIs:
the "Stanford University" profile will include the list of RPMs.
PIs in other schools: If "the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University" is selected, this profile will show the OSR signing officials.



Grant writing resources

Biosciences Grant Writing Academy- for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows:



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