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The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
The Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering

***$875,000 Limited award--an internal selection process is required--assistant professors with PI eligibility within the first three years of their faculty careers (see eligibility) with a research focus in the natural and physical sciences or engineering. Disciplines that will be considered include physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, astronomy, computer science, earth science, ocean science, and all branches of engineering.***

The internal selection process for 2018 has been completed. This webpage is for your reference only.


Number of Stanford candidates permitted: 2
( see internal submission guidelines )

Internal deadline for ALL Schools: Thurs., Feb. 15, 2018, 5 p.m. (see internal submission guidelines below)
Schools to submit top 4 proposals to the Dean of Research Office: Feb. 22, 2018
Dean of Research Office will submit the nomination Materials to Foundation Relations for President’s signature
Nominations to Sponsor: March 15, 2018
For applicants selected:
Institutional representative (RPM/RMG or OSR) complete by date: April 13, 2018
Proposals to Sponsor: April 20, 2018

Each school will determine which top three candidate proposals to forward to the Dean of Research Office. (see the School contacts and procedures for ALL schools--- internal submission guidelines at the end of this message)

Fellowship guidelines:
The fellowship guidelines can be downloaded from the section "How to get support" located in the right hand column of the following webpage. The guidelines are provided as a reference only. Please see the internal submission guidelines below.

PDF file of the guidelines:

Stanford has had a recipient each year (2007-2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Sponsor's fellowship directory website >>

Amount of funding
$875,000 total over 5 years. $175,000 paid each year, $17,500 is available to the university as compensation for administrative costs.


The Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering program invests in future leaders who have the freedom to take risks, explore new frontiers in their fields of study, and follow uncharted paths that may lead to groundbreaking discoveries.


What they do not fund:  

Recognizing that certain areas of contemporary science and engineering already have access to relatively generous funding (for example, clinical research, research associated with the design and construction of large national facilities such as accelerators and space stations, and applied research of direct relevance to national security), the Packard Fellowships are directed to other, less generously supported fields.


internal Selection Process for ALL Schools

By Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, 5 p.m., please submit the following information (in the order listed below) in one PDF to:

File name:    Last name_Packard_2018.pdf

Institutional representative: you do not have to submit your internal proposals through your institutional representative (RPM/RMG or OSR) for their approval. You can submit your proposal directly to your respective school's contact person.

1) Title Page
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowships for Science and Engineering
Proposal title:
Name of the PI, title, department, address, phone, email

2) Letter of recommendation printed on your department letterhead signed by either your Division Chief or your Department Chair addressed per the following (according to your School). This letter should describe first hand knowledge of the nominee's ability to do creative research. Nominees with a joint appointment can submit one letter signed by both department chairs.

3) Research Statement (based on the sponsor's guidelines)
Formatting: The research statement is limited to 1,400 words (maximum two pages of text, prepared in 12- point font with 1-inch margins). If there are relevant figures, images or references, please include these separately on a third page.
Research Statement by nominee on why the research is important, outlining general goals for the next five years. Include general statement of how funds will be spent. This does not need to be a detailed budget and will not be binding on the actual use of funds.

4) PI Biosketch

5) List of ALL support, current and pending. Include sponsor name, term, amount of funding, etc.

Selection Process:

Each school will select four proposals to be forward to the Dean of Research Office internal review committee for review with proposals submitted from other schools. That committee will select the two applicants to represent Stanford.

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