Research Management Group (RMG)

The Pac-12 Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative
Grant Program

Limited program for all Stanford faculty with PI eligibility.  A university-wide internal selection process is required because only three applications are permitted. The Pac-12 Conference (“Pac-12”) offers research funding to support the advancement of Pac-12 student-athlete health and well-being and has made it a priority to utilize research results to develop best practices for general improvements in these areas. 

See the purpose and priority focus areas below.


The 2018 internal selection process has been completed. This webpage is for your reference only.

# of applicants: Each Pac-­-12 institution will be limited to 3 submissions (see the internal submission guidelines below)

Contact Person

All PIs are strongly encouraged to discuss their projects with Dr. Jason Dragoo in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Dr. Dragoo is Stanford’s Pac-12 Institutional Board member.


Internal proposal deadline:   Wed., Aug. 29, 2018, 5 p.m. (see the internal submission guidelines)
Applicants will be notified about their selection by  Sept. 6, 2018
For the 3 applicants selected:
Sponsor's letter of intent (required) deadline: Sept. 17, 2018*
*at least two weeks prior to the application deadline-see Appendix B
Institutional representative (RPM/RMG or CGO/OSR): Sept. 24, 2018
Full proposal deadline: Oct. 1, 2018


See the internal submission guidelines at the end of this message.
Sponsor webpage :
Download a Word document of the 2019 RFP (with fillable application forms)

Amount of funding:
There is no limit to the amount of funding. The budget cannot exceed 3 years.
Since 2015, the Pac-­-12 will make approximately $3,500,000 available on an annual basis for the Athlete Health and Well-­-Being Grant Program (the “Grant Program”) awards. Any unused funds fro the Grant Program will roll over to the next Grant Program cycle. Multi-­-year projects will be considered.



The Pac-12 Conference (“Pac-12”) offers research funding to support the advancement of Pac-12 student-athelete health
and well-being and has made it a priority to utilize research results to develop best practices for general improvement in these areas.

Topics of Interest / Collaboration
The aim of research projects should be to improve the health, general well-being, and safety of student-athletes at all
Pac-12 member institutions. The Grant Program’s primary focus areas are listed below. Although this is not an exclusive
Grant Program focus list, priority will be given to those research projects targeted at the focus areas below. Priority also
will be given to research projects that are the result of collaboration amongst multiple Pac-12 member institutions
and/or organizations that are directly affiliated with Pac-12 member institutions. Proposals that are applicable to
translational basic science will be considered. Projects should not duplicate other work funded by the Pac-12 Grants
Program. Prior grant awardees and their research projects may be found at:

Priority focus areas:

Review Criteria
Applications will be evaluated and awards issued based on:



Data-Sports Injury Registry Management and Analytics Program (SIRMAP)

Access to de-identified student-athletes data created by the Pac-12 Sports Injury Registry Management and Analytics
Program (SIRMAP) is contingent upon the primary, clinical use of an athlete electronic health record software package,
Presagia Sports (, for all required injury documentation out of the athletic training room. If
the proposal possibly involves expanding Presagia Sports use as a data collection platform, it is recommended the PI
examine current Presagia data elements during the draft stage, and obtain any necessary quote(s) for proposed
software development. All research proposals that include a request for de-identified data from the Pac-12 SIRMAP will
be required to establish a “Data Use Agreement” with the Pac-12 Conference. More information regarding the SIRMAP
may be found in Appendix G. Please send questions to the SIRMAP Coordinator, Dr. Masaru (Masa) Teramoto, at




By Wed., August 29, 2018, 5 p.m., please submit one PDF file containing the following (in the order listed below) via email attachment to:

Jeanne Heschele
Research Management Group

File name: Last name_PAC-12_2019.pdf

Institutional representative: not applicable. You do not have to submit your internal proposals through your RPM in RMG or you CGO in OSR for their approval. You can submit them directly to Jeanne.

1) Title page
The Pac-12 Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative Grant Program
Title of your proposal: "Topic of interest*: ....."
*Please begin the title of your project with your topic/priority area (i.e., head trauma)
Will SIMAP be used (yes/no)
PI name, title, department, address, phone number, email address
Co-PIs title, department, address, phone number, email address
(The title page should be in the above format. Please do not include an introductory note.)

2) Project summary/non-technical abstract (no more than 300 words)

3) Project description (limit: 6 or less pages)
Format: use 11 or 12-point Arial or Helvetica font and 1" margins, single-spaced
Per the guidelines, PIs are strongly encouraged to use " plain language understandable to a lay audience outside of your field".
Project description:
a. Hypothesis and Specific Aims
b. Background and Significance
c. Prelminary Data
d. Research Design and Methods
e. Desire impact and Potential to meet elements of review criteria
f. References (not included in the 6-page limit)

4) NIH Biosketches for the PI and each Co-PI
include specific recent publications in the last 5 years, relevant to proposed research. Also list recent or current funding related to proposed research. NIH Biosketch webpage:


Remaining application materials & collaborating with PIs in other Pac-12 institutions

The timeline established by Dr. Dragoo is very tight. Therefore, please keep in mind, if selected, you will need to complete the remaining items and submit them along with your PDRF form, per SoM policy, to your RPM by Sept. 24th.

IMPORTANT:  if you are collaborating with PI in another Pac-12 institution, please be sure to check with them early on in the process regarding their institution’s timeline for preparing and generating their separate budget and obtaining their separate collaborating institution commitment letter.


Selection Process
Your proposals will be reviewed by an internal review committee formed by Stanford's PAC-12 institutional contact, Dr. Jason Dragoo, Associate Professor in Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. The top three applicants selected to represent Stanford will then work with their institutional representative (RPM in RMG or OSR) to complete their full applications per the instructions in the guidelines.





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