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Outstanding Investigator Award (OIA) (R35 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) PAR-18-880
Internal Vetting Process Instructions

Dr. Beverly Mitchell, the Director of the Stanford Cancer Institute, has established the following vetting process for all Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) faculty interested in applying for this NCI OIA Award.

Although the number of applications per institution is not limited, applications must be vetted locally and a two page letter of recommendation is required. Institutional support for the faculty member's efforts is also mandated.

Dr. Mitchell will set up an internal review committee to review potential applications, which will be judged on the basis of a NIH biosketch with current funding and a 1-2 page outline of background and specific aims for a proposal.


Stanford Cancer Institute internal vetting process deadline: Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, 5 p.m. (see the internal vetting process guidelines below)
Notification of selection and to proceed with a letter of intent: Sept. 14, 2018
For PIs given the approval to proceed with their applications:
NIH letter of intent deadline: 30 days prior to the application deadline:  Oct. 2, 2018
Institutional representative (RPM/RMG or CGO/OSR) deadline: Oct. 26, 2018
Application receipt deadline: November 2, 2018


Amount of funding: This R35 award will provide up to $600,000 direct costs (plus indirects) per year for up to 7 years

: The purpose of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Outstanding Investigator Award is to provide long-term support and increased flexibility for investigators with outstanding records of research productivity to continue or to embark upon a research program of unusual potential in cancer. Candidates for the OIA must be nominated by their applicant organization.

Eligibility: In response to concerns about sustainable funding for productive investigators, the NCI has reissued an award for institutions to nominate applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria:


By Friday, August 31, 2018, 5 p.m., please submit one PDF file (File name: Last name_NCI_OIA.pdf ) containing the following in the order listed below to:

Denise Baughman
Project Manager
Stanford Cancer Institute

File name: Last name_NCI_OIA.pdf

1) NCI Outstanding Investigator Award PAR-18-880
PI name, title, department, email address
1-2 page outline of background and specific aims for a proposal

2) NIH Biosketch with current and recent funding

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