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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Data-Driven Initiative Investigator Competition

**$1.5M funding opportunity for Stanford faculty with PI eligibility. The foundation has a clear mandate to fund basic research in the natural sciences. The Data-Driven Discovery Initiative is interested in the intersection of these natural science domains with computer science and statistics/applied mathematics. This confluence of skills is sometimes referred to as Data Science/Data-Intensive Science, Data-Enabled Science or Data-Driven Science. If you assess that your work falls within these domains of interest, please submit a pre-application. (This program does not fund disease-targeted research.)**

# of applicants: Unlimited numbers of applicants are permitted. An internal selection process is not required

Guidelines & FAQs

Pre-application (required)*: Feb. 24, 2014
(link to the online application can be found on the above webpage)
Full proposals (by invitation only): mid-May 2014

*Institutional representative: you do not have to submit your pre-application through your institutional representative. However, if subsequently invited to submit a full proposal, you must submit your completed PDRF file land application materials through your institutional representative at least 5 working days prior to the sponsor's deadline.

Amount of funding:
$200K-$300K/yr x 5 years [~$1.5M total costs (including 12.5% indirects)]
It is anticipated that up to 15 awards will be made.


It is intended that Foundation funding will be used to primarily support people in the successful applicant’s research group. These personnel are anticipated to be at various career stages such as undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and post-doctoral fellows, and salary for the applicant is allowed. The awards are not intended for major equipment, or to support experiments to obtain new data sets.

The Science Program of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is announcing a solicitation for applications for an Investigator Program as part of its Data-Driven Discovery (DDD) Initiative. DDD seeks to advance the people and practices of data-intensive science to take advantage of the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of scientific data to make new discoveries. Data-intensive science is inherently multidisciplinary, combining natural sciences with methods from statistics and computer science.

The goal of the DDD Investigator awards is to fund individuals who exemplify this new kind of data-driven discovery. These innovators are striking out in new directions and are willing to take risks with the potential of huge payoffs in some aspect of data-intensive science. Successful applicants must make a strong case for developments in the natural sciences (biology, physics, astronomy, etc.) or science enabling methodologies (statistics, machine learning, scalable algorithms, etc.), and applicants that credibly combine the two are especially encouraged.

Not funded: Note that the Science Program does not fund disease targeted research.

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