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Ho-Am Prize

**Limited distinguished achievement award. Only one nomination for each category (science, engineering, medicine, the arts, community service) is permitted from Stanford, therefore, a university-wide internal selection process is required.**

The internal deadline for 2016 has passed. This webpage is for your reference only.


# of nominations:
No more than 1 in each category (see below for prize categories >>)


Internal Dean of Research Office deadline: Oct. 3, 2016, 5 p.m. (see the internal selection process below)
Sponsor's Nomination deadline: Oct. 31, 2016


Additional information:

Amount of the prize:
Recipients of the Ho-Am Prize are each presented with Diploma, a pure gold medal (187.5g) and a cash prize of KRW 300million (approx. 275,000 USD).


1. Qualifications:
Korean citizens or people of Korean heritage (except in Community Service, in which foreigners who make contributions to Koreans at home and abroad may be nominated)
Candidates must be alive at the deadline date of nominations

2, Accomplishments:
Accomplishments and accumulated expertise which have contributed to society in their respective fields,
and accumulated expertise that has been highly evaluated socially
Distinguished contributions to the nation and humanity through clearly creative mentality and spirit of service

The Ho-Am Foundation invites nominations for the 2016 Ho-Am Prize, the most prestigious award bestowed on people of Korean heritage each year.

The Ho-Am Prize was established in 1990 by Kun-Hee Lee, the Chairman of Samsung, with a vision to create a new corporate culture that continues the noble spirit of public service espoused by the late Chairman Byung-chull Lee, founder of Samsung. The Prize is presented each year to individuals who have contributed to academics, the arts, and social development, or who have furthered the welfare of humanity through distinguished accomplishments in their respective professional fields.

Award categories

The following persons are eligible to nominate candidates:



By Monday, Oct. 3, 2016, 5 p.m., please send one PDF file containing the following in the order listed below via email attachment to:

Jeanne Heschele
Limited Submission Program Coordinator Vice Provost and Dean of Research Office
Funding Opportunity Administrator, Research Management Group-School of Medicine

File name: Last Name_Ho_Am.pdf

1) Title page
Name of this program: 2017 Ho-Am Prize
Award category:
Name of nominee
Email address, phone number

2) Recommendation letter addressed to the Dean of Research Office limited program internal review committee from the nominee’s department chair. Confirm the individual's Korean heritage*, give your reasons for the nomination based on a detailed description of the candidate’s outstanding achievements in his/her field .
[* If the prize the candidate is nominated for is the Community Service, the candidate can be of any nationality and does not have to have Korean heritage. Explain how that individual promoted the welfare of Korean society through dedicated philanthropic activities and selfless efforts for the betterment of our community.]

4) CV of the nominee

Selection Process
Your nomination packets will be reviewed by the Dean of Research Limited Program Internal Review Committee members. That committee will select the one nominee in each category to represent the university.



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